Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two pro war parties

The peace issue got voters out in droves for the Democratic Party this past election, and we are all grateful that the Bush era of wars abroad and spying at home might to be drawing to a close.

Of course, the Democrats were nowhere to be seen on the streets these last three years. While Hillary was calling for more troops and voting for the Patriot Act, organizations like UFPJ, ANSWER, Vets for Peace, The Greens, and many others were organizing rallies, sit-ins, peace vigils, and letters to the editor. What is worse, Democrats in Congress provided cover for us wars of aggression abroad and the destruction of civil liberties at home. They supported it all, while at times whining that they could have done it better.

But focus groups for the Democrats must have started reporting what most of us have known for a long time, that the invasion of Iraq was a war crime, that torturing prisoners goes against the moral principals of Americans, and that domestic spying is a violation of our Constitution. Suddenly, the Democrats saw it all too. Just in time for the election.

If they spend the next two years plotting with the Israeli lobby for a new war against Iran, they will end up being worse than useless. Let's hope for their sake and for the sake of America that they can bring themselves to do the right thing this time around. We don't need two pro war parties.

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