Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Real Causes of Endless War

Sometimes "peace talks" are a way to cover up more war. This is especially true when one side has all the military power and no incentive to resolve the conflict. The Annapolis talks between the Palestinians and Israelis are an example of war making dressed up like peace negotiations.

Israel holds all the cards. It has the fourth most powerful military in the world, with all the latest fighter jets and tanks that American tax dollars can buy. Moreover, It has 200 nuclear weapons, and the unquestioning support of the world's only superpower. The Palestinian people are virtually powerless, prisoners in their own land. This year, Israel killed 650 Palestinians while suffering 27 fatalities. Human rights groups estimate that 80% of Palestinians were civilians.

Israel just sent 30 tanks into Gaza on another killing spree, murdering 8 "gunmen." In addition, Israeli Minister of Housing announced that 307 more units would be added to the illegal Jewish settlement in east Jerusalem on Jabal Abu Ghunaym. This is reminiscent of the Clinton era "peace talks," during which Israel doubled its Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank.

And the hope of real peace keeps receding, as senators like Clinton and Schumer spend more time boosting Israel than New York State. Israel recently won a new arms deal with the US, getting $6 billion aid in one year. The Israeli lobby and their allies in our government are the real causes of endless war in the Middle East.

Fred Nagel

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