Friday, March 13, 2009

Fantasyland Media:

News fashioned by the people in charge, the corporations and your government. Each week, we cover the stories that are just left out of the US propaganda machine.


"A graphic account by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed of his alleged torture during interrogation sessions has been passed to the high court.

The account details how he was beaten with a leather strap, held down and punched by masked men, cut with a scalpel on his chest and penis, and subjected to psychological torture by being forced to listen to loud music...

His 'torture diary' has been sent to the high court where lawyers are pressing for the release of US intelligence documents believed to show UK involvement in Mohamed's treatment."

--->The NY Times has certainly referred to the case of Binyam Mohamed. But the particulars of what he claims was done to him are always left out. In its place we get multiple statements by the CIA that no actual torture took place.


"A confidential EU report accuses the Israeli government of using settlement expansion, house demolitions, discriminatory housing policies and the West Bank barrier as a way of 'actively pursuing the illegal annexation' of East Jerusalem...

'Israeli facts on the ground - including new settlements, construction of the barrier, discriminatory housing policies, house demolitions, restrictive permit regime and continued closure of Palestinian institutions - increase Jewish Israeli presence in East Jerusalem, weaken the Palestinian community in the city, impede Palestinian urban development and separate East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank,' the report says."

--->The NY Times doesn't do stories like this which are critical of Israel. Even though this story was front page in several European newspapers, Americans get protected from all these ugly truths about settlements in the West Bank.


"A report by the Israeli left-wing NGO Peace Now released Monday says that the government is planning to build more than 73,300 new housing units in the West Bank.

According to the report, approval has already been granted for the construction of 15,000 housing units, while approval is pending for a further 58,000 units.

The report states that 5,722 of the planned housing units are in East Jerusalem, and some 9,000 units in total have already been built.

Peace Now says that a new right-wing government presents the danger of 'expanding settlement growth at a rapid pace... with the clear intention of destroying the possibility of a two-state solution.' "

--->Ethan Bonner of the NY Times included some of this story, but buried it in the last two sentences of an article on Hillary Clinton and Iran. He cites 6,000 rather than the 15,000 housing units approved, and omits Peace Now's statement about Israel's "clear intention of destroying the possibility of a twe-state solution." Ethan Bonner's clear intention is to minimize criticism of Israel, even when it originates from within Israel itself.

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