Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fantasyland Media:

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"Israel created 'terror without mercy' in Gaza

The Israeli military attacked civilians and medics and delayed - sometimes for hours - the evacuation of the injured during the January war in Gaza, according to an independent fact-finding mission commissioned by Israeli and Palestinian medical human rights groups.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society yesterday said their findings showed Israel's military committed serious violations of international humanitarian law. In their 92-page report, compiled by five senior health experts from across the world, they documented several specific attacks, with interviews from 44 separate witnesses."

--->Instead of running this story, the NY Times printed the conclusions of the Israeli military, that reports of human rights abuses in Gaza were based "on hearsay and not supported by specific personal knowledge." Not any knowledge that the NY Times will report anyway.


NPR is doing a three part series on the Wall in the West Bank. Monday's report was a depressing start.

Never mentioned was the fact that the Wall was built, for the most part, on Palestinian land. A half million illegal Settlers don't exist either. The wall, according to NPR was built to stop suicide bombers, and "it works," despite the suffering of some Palestinians.

So that you don't miss the point, NPR takes you back to a suicide bombing eight years ago. An Israeli doctor repeats the mantra. Without the wall, things would be this bad again.

It is time that NPR learned to do honest reporting rather than repeat Israeli justifications for its policy of racial apartheid.

--->To the NY Times, NPR's series on the West Bank is: " everything you would expect from NPR: intelligent, informative and polished..." In fact, it is just like the reporting that the NY Times does on Israel: highly polished propaganda.


"Thousands Flee Bomb Attacks by US Drones

AMERICAN drone attacks on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan are causing a massive humanitarian emergency, Pakistani officials claimed after a new attack yesterday killed 13 people.

The dead and injured included foreign militants, but women and children were also killed when two missiles hit a house in the village of Data Khel, near the Afghan border, according to local officials.

As many as 1m people have fled their homes in the Tribal Areas to escape attacks by the unmanned spy planes as well as bombings by the Pakistani army."

--->Ah, bringing democracy to yet another country in the Middle East. The NY Times, true to form, is talking a lot about the need for MORE US involvement in Pakistan. In the NY Times Sunday Magazine, Pakistan is "becoming the most dangerous failed state in the world." Count on the NY Times to cheerlead any new US military aggression in the region.

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