Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fantasyland Media:

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Guardian UK:
"UN presses for prosecutions in damning report of Hamas and Israel conduct...

The inquiry looks not only at the war but at the months before and after the conflict and accuses Israel of many violations of international law. It says Israel may be guilty of the crime of persecution, a crime against humanity, in its policies towards the Palestinian people.

It said the international criminal court has jurisdiction to investigate and that individuals responsible for violating the laws of war should face prosecution. Each country that has ratified the Geneva conventions had a duty to search for and prosecute those responsible."

-->Although the NY Times had a version of this story, several key aspects were left out. No mention of the UN pressing for "prosecutions." No mention of Israel being guilty of any "crime against humanity," or the crime of "persecution." The NY Times continues in its role of covering up the full extent of Israel's war crimes in the Middle East.


San Francisco Chronicle:
"Tristan Anderson to Sue for Injury in Israel Protest.

The case of Tristan Anderson, who remains hospitalized with brain damage and a fractured skull six months after he was injured, may test Israel's efforts to shield itself from lawsuits for harm it causes during wartime, said attorney Michael Sfard...

The Ministry of Defense, Sfard said in an e-mail message, 'is trying to apply the (act of war) doctrine to every (case of) damage caused in the occupied Palestinian territories by Israeli forces.'

Anderson was struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired from about 65 yards away by a border police officer, according to some fellow demonstrators. He had brain surgery at Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv and is no longer in critical condition, but is blind in his right eye, friends say."

-->The NY Times did not cover the filing of a personal injury suit by Tristan Anderson, despite the fact that he is a US citizen.


Guardian UK:
"Europe has clashed with the US Obama administration over climate change in a potentially damaging split that comes ahead of crucial political negotiations on a new global deal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

The Guardian understands that key differences have emerged between the US and Europe over the structure of a new worldwide treaty on global warming. Sources on the European side say the US approach could undermine the new treaty and weaken the world's ability to cut carbon emissions.

The treaty will be negotiated in December at a UN meeting in Copenhagen and is widely billed as the last chance to save the planet from a temperature rise of 2C or higher, which the EU considers dangerous."

-->But to the NY Times readers, all is well in the "pro-environment" administration of Barack Obama. The NY Times even quotes John Kerry claiming that the "United States will not remain on the sidelines and will lead efforts to achieve a strong agreement in Copenhagen."

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