Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fantasyland Media:

Each week, we cover the stories that are just left out of the US propaganda machine. News that the people in charge, the corporations and your government want keep from the public eye.


A special report from the national NPR described the effectiveness of trade sanctions against Iran. There were some successes, according to the report. But real progress is still a long way off. The report cited Turkey and China as major obstacles in "stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons."

-->Notice how the debate in the US media has gone from whether Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons to how best to stop them from building the bomb. It is an important step to take, at least from the Pentagon's point of view. Establishing a nuclear weapons program in Iran is like establishing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before that misguided invasion.

Reading or listening to US media, one can understand the direction of US interventions in the Third World. First, the big lie. And then the US media repeating that lie again and again until most people consider it the consensus of informed opinion. But how did our media become the conduit for Pentagon propaganda? And how long has our "free press" been feeding us what the government wants us to believe?


Common Dreams:
"Israeli Company Hired by State Government to Spy on Pennsylvanians and Other Americans.

The surprise disclosure that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through its state Homeland Security Agency, along with a number of local police departments in the state, have been employing a private Israeli security company with strong links to Mossad and the Israeli Defense Force grows increasingly disturbing when the website of the company, called the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, is examined...

The description for the Tactical Advantage course, which the website says was designed for military, law enforcement and security personnel, describes the program as 'intense, dirty, aggressive and based on Israeli Counter-Terror Schools policy.' It says 'This course pushes trainees to the physical and mental edge.'  American organizations which engage in protests and rallies, hearing that reference to the Israeli Counter-Terror Schools policy, might recall the IDF’s handling of the aid flotilla that was boarded on the high seas by IDF troops as they read these lines."

-->An Israeli security company with links to their secret service is spying on political activists in Pennsylvania. But our newspaper of record, The NY Times, is disinterested in stories critical of Israel's power in the United States. Perhaps the newspaper has its own links to Mossad.


The Raw Story:
"That the Food and Drug Administration is opposed to labeling foods that are genetically modified is no surprise anymore, but a report in the Washington Post indicates the FDA won't even allow food producers to label their foods as being free of genetic modification.

In reporting that the FDA will likely not require the labeling of genetically modified salmon if it approves the food product for consumption, the Post's Lyndsey Layton notes that the federal agency 'won't let conventional food makers trumpet the fact that their products don't contain genetically modified ingredients.' "

-->The NY Times ran a story about GM salmon the same day. But the piece avoided any mention of the labeling controversy. When it comes to corporate policies that threaten human health, The NY Times can be counted on to toe the business line. Just look at the last decade's worth of positive articles on nuclear energy.

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