Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fantasyland Media:

Each week, we cover the stories that are just left out of the US propaganda machine. News that the people in charge, the corporations and your government want keep from the public eye.


The Media Consortium:
"Last week, the Federal Reserve announced a plan to buy an additional $600 billion worth of Treasury bonds in an attempt to stimulate the economy. On Democracy Now!, economist Michael Hudson argues that the $600 billion T-bill buy will help Wall Street at the expense of ordinary Americans.
The Fed justifies the purchase as an infusion of cash into the U.S. economy. The buy-up will certainly be an infusion of cash into U.S. banks. In effect, the Fed will help the government pay back the banks that lent money to finance deficit spending. The hope is that these banks, suddenly flush with cash, will help the U.S. economy by lending money to finance projects that will create wealth and jobs (i.e. opening factories and hiring more workers).
However, as Hudson points out, there’s no guarantee that the banks are going to use the windfall to build wealth in the U.S. On the contrary, he argues, there’s every reason to suspect that they’ll invest the money overseas in currency speculation deals."
-->Another 600 billion for the banks to speculate with, with nothing going to the average American worker. Try to find this analysis in the mainstream media.  The NY Times, as usual, obscured the give-away in an article entitled: "Fed to Spend $600 Billion to Speed Up Recovery."

Agence France Presse:
"GENEVA - The United States faced a barrage of calls to investigate allegations of torture and shut down Guantanamo Bay detention centre on Friday in its first review by the UN's top human rights assembly.
European countries joined appeals for a halt to the death penalty, and there was trenchant criticism of Washington's recent human rights record during wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the detention and interrogation of terror suspects."
-->Not much in mainstream media about this condemnation by the UN Human Rights Assembly. I guess Obama was supposed to change things, and newspapers like The NY Times don't really want readers too upset with business as usual in the US Empire.
The Patriot-News:
"Tracking the Twitter activity of law-abiding citizens was part of the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security’s intelligence surveillance program.

According to internal Homeland Security e-mails produced through a Right-To-Know request, one of the targets of such surveillance was the Berks Peace Community, a 50-year-old group of Quaker-affiliated senior citizens. They gather on the Penn Street Bridge in Reading every Friday and quietly hold signs questioning America’s 'war habit.'

The e-mails also indicate that monitoring the tweets of law-abiding citizens was 'part of the intelligence effort that is conducted daily... on behalf of the PA Office of Homeland Security.' "
-->Why bother reporting on the eavesdropping of our national security state when the President can decide who to assassinate without charges or trail. Does free speech exist when one's life can be taken away by the state without judicial process? Maybe that is why The NY Times didn't cover this story. 

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