Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fantasyland Media:

Each week, we cover the stories that are just left out of the US propaganda machine. News that the people in charge, the corporations and your government want keep from the public eye.


Inter Press Service:
"WASHINGTON - Data on attacks by armed opposition forces and U.S. combat casualties since the U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan was completed last summer provide clear evidence that the surge and the increase in targeted killings by Special Operations Forces have failed to break the momentum of the Taliban.

The Taliban and allied insurgent organisations launched 54 percent more attacks and killed or wounded 56 percent more U.S. troops over the nine months from last October through May than in the comparable period a year earlier, according to data collected by the U.S. Department of Defense and by the highly-respected Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (ANSO).

The nearly 1,571 attacks in May recorded by ANSO, which exceeded the previous monthly peak total of 1,541 attacks in September 2010, was achieved four months earlier in the fighting season than the previous peak."

-->The NY Times did not cover this discouraging data about the failure of the "surge" in Afghanistan. As a major supporter of US wars in the Middle East, The NY Times just doesn't report much bad news.


Army Times:
"NAIROBI, Kenya — U.S. military forces landed in Somalia to retrieve the bodies of dead or wounded militants after a U.S. drone strike targeted a group of insurgents, Somalia's defense minister said Friday.

The operation is at least the second time U.S. troops have landed in Somalia after a targeted strike, though no forces have been stationed there since shortly after the "Black Hawk Down" battle that left 18 Americans dead in 1993...

U.S. officials have increased their warnings that the threat from Somalia's al-Shabab militant group is growing and that militants are developing stronger ties with the Yemen-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
Incoming Pentagon chief Leon Panetta told lawmakers last month that as the core al-Qaida leadership in Pakistan undergoes leadership changes, with the killing of Osama bin Laden, the U.S. needs to make sure that the group does not relocate to Somalia."

-->The NY Times did not report the landing of US military forces in Somalia. In fact, our newspaper of record has not seemed to notice US forces in Libya, Pakistan, or Yemen either. Let's call this omission Pentagon friendly, since most Americans are against the use of military forces in an ever expanding number of Third World countries.


The NY Times:
Ethan Bronner, that master of pro-Israeli spin, had a recent article in Sunday's edition entitled, fittingly enough, "Setting Sail on Gaza's Sea of Spin." Why is the Freedom Flotilla "transporting basic aid, food and cement, when it is no longer needed?" he asks. Gazans "need many things, (but) basic supplies are not among them" he writes later, only to follow up with, "There is no shortage of food in Gaza."

-->A UNICEF report in April tells a different story. "In 2010, 11 out of 100 under-five children suffered from chronic malnutrition (11.3 per cent in the West Bank and 9.9 per cent in Gaza)."

In January, a similar report stated that: "10.3 percent of children under five are stunted (low height for age), a steadily increasing trend over recent years. Stunting is usually attributed to a chronic lack of protein and micronutrients, including iron and essential vitamins." The report also cites the fact that, "Roughly two-thirds of the population - 50 percent of whom are under 18 - is deemed food insecure, according to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

Yet Mr. Bronner adheres to the Zionist spin that no one goes without food in Gaza because of the Israeli blockade. Why is he still reporting for a newspaper that claims it delivers all the news that's fit to print?

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