Friday, June 22, 2012

Fantasyland Media:

Each week, we cover the stories that are just left out of the US propaganda machine. News that the people in charge, the corporations and your government want to keep from the public eye.


Common Dreams:
"A report released today, the fifth anniversary of the blockade of Gaza, from the charities Save the Children and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) describes how Gaza's water supply is heavily polluted by fertilizer and human waste, and states that nearly all of the water in Gaza is 'unfit for drinking.'
Gaza's broken sewage system, severely destroyed in Operation Cast Lead, has lead to open cesspits and waste-caused nitrate pollution. The high levels of nitrates in the water, ten times the safe levels established by WHO, have been linked to anemia and some cancers, and are wreaking health havoc heavily upon children and pregnant women in Gaza, the reports details.
'The blockade is a blight on the lives of Gaza's civilians. It is shocking to see so many children struggling to live a fulfilled and healthy life - unable to play in safe areas and forced to drink dirty and dangerous water that is making them sick,' said Aimee Shalan, MAP's Director of Advocacy and Communications."
-->The NY Times prints very little news about Gaza. Ever vigilant in protecting Israel's reputation, our newspaper of record didn't print this story.
The Truth Seeker UK:
"The nature of the Syrian crisis has changed. The process of destabilization that was to open the path for legal military intervention by the Atlantic Alliance has failed. Removing its mask, the United States has publicly announced the possibility of attacking Syria without the approval of the Security Council, as it also did in Kosovo. Washington must be pretending not to have noticed that the Russia of Vladimir Putin is not that of Boris Yeltsin. After being assured of Chinese support, Moscow literally fired two warning shots in the direction of Washington. The continuing violations of international law by NATO and the GCC threaten to unleash a global conflict...
The message is clear : Moscow is ready for world war if NATO and the GCC do not comply with the international obligations as defined in the Annan Plan and persist in aiding terrorism...
The time is past to lament the expansion of combat into Lebanon, or to conjecture about the possible regionalization of conflict. Over the past sixteen months of the destabilization of Syria, NATO and the GCC have created a situation without exit that might well degenerate into global war."
-->Where is the American media when it comes to accessing the dangers of US military involvement in Syria? Although this story is based on conjecture, the warning is repeated in RT (Russian news network). It seems that our media is playing down the recklessness of US military expansion in the Middle East. 
RT News:
"Roberto Unger of Harvard Law School has posted a video to YouTube in which the one-time professor of US President Barack Obama expresses his dissatisfaction with how his former student has shaped America since entering the oval office...
Unger insists that a win for the Republican Party would cost the country in both judicial and administrative appointments, but suggests that 'the risk of military adventurism' that began under Barack Obama will only continue unless a true progressive pushes for change in Washington. Under another Obama term, however, Unger says that 'the Democratic Party proposes no new direction.'
"Give the bond markets what they want, bail out the reckless so long as they are also rich, use fiscal and monetary stimulus to make up for the absence of any consequential broadening of economic and educational opportunity, sweeten the pill of disempowerment with a touch of tax fairness, even though the effect of any such tax reform is sure to be modest,' Unger says. 'This is less a project than it is an abdication.' "
-->No mention of Dr. Unger in the US Media. What he says is too honest an assessment of our current president and our broken two party system.
RT News:
"Google: Western governments increasingly indulge in online censorship
Governments not widely blamed for censorship are increasingly asking Google to remove political content from its services, the company said as it released its bi-annual transparency report.
The IT giant has been publishing data on how and why they have been asked by copyright holders and governmental agencies to remove user content since 2010. On Monday it released a new chunk of info on governments’ requests made from July to December 2011...
A local US law enforcement agency wanted Google to take down 1,400 YouTube videos for alleged harassment. The company refused. A separate request from another agency asked to remove five user accounts over alleged harassment and threats. Google terminated four of them, removing approximately 300 videos, but left the remaining account intact.
Also in the US, a court ordered Google to remove 218 search results that linked to allegedly defamatory websites. The company removed a quarter of the cited results."
-->The NY Times didn't print this story, although it was covered on a NY Times blog. Sad when we have to go to a Russian news agency to learn about American censorship of the Internet. Contrast this silence to the numerous stories The NY Times has run about Chinese censorship of the Internet.

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