Thursday, September 10, 2015

The NYT:
"Yet given Guatemala’s tragic history, the shifts here were already being seen as a dramatic example of a transformation made against long odds. ... 

For much of its history, Guatemalan society has been divided, its different constituencies fighting their battles alone. The nation’s indigenous population, which suffered the most under the civil war, which killed about 200,000 people, has long struggled for equal rights with little success."

-->The NYT has "little success" in informing its readers about what really happened in Guatemala's tragic past. The US overthrew its elected government in 1954, and supplied its subsequent US trained dictators with weaponry and CIA intelligence during their murderous decades in power. Most of the 200,000 killed were civilians, part of the CIA attempt to wipe out all all resistance to the dictatorships. The NYT carefully leaves this information out, presenting Pentagon propaganda as if it were real news.


Common Dreams:
"As refugees are stranded at train stations, attacked by riot police, and killed during the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, Europe's failure to address the rising humanitarian crisis is being met with global outrage and sorrow.

Now, many are also looking across the Atlantic to the United States, where observers say key responsibility for the crisis lies—not only because the country is lagging in its humanitarian response, but also because its war policies lie at the root of the ongoing displacement.

'Iraqis, Syrians, Palestinians, and Libyans are not running away from their homes because of a natural disaster,' Raed Jarrar, expert on Middle East politics and government relations manager for the American Friends Service Committee, told Common Dreams. 'The U.S. should see this crisis as partially caused by its own actions in the region.' "

-->The US has caused much of the warfare in the Middle East? And is accepting fewer refugees than even Canada? Our mainstream media protects us from such ugly truths.


Common Dreams:
"Citing a series of vicious military attacks in recent years coupled with severe shortages of water, medical supplies, and shelter created by an internationally-backed blockade, a new report issued by the United Nations warns that if current trends continue the Gaza Strip will be virtually 'uninhabitable' within five years.

Home to approximately 1.8 million people, Gaza is often referred to the largest open-air prison in the world and the latest report, published by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), is just the latest official assessment (pdf) to paint a devastating picture of life inside the sealed borders of Gaza which has now faced eight years of economic blockade and three large-scale military operations by Israel since 2009.

According to UNCTAD, military aggression and the ongoing blockade have accelerated the 'de-development' of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a process by which development is not merely hindered but reversed. The combined factors of war and economic suffocation, the report says, has shattered Gaza's ability to export and produce for the domestic market, ravaged its already debilitated infrastructure, left no time for reconstruction and recovery, and accelerated the sharp decline in overall well-being of all who live there."

-->The emerging genocide of 1.8 million people is often kept hidden from the American people. The NYT devoted one paragraph to the story and buried it on on page 16.

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