Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"The record low viewership of Saturday's Democratic debate has voters, particularly Bernie Sanders supporters, once again castigating the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for what many believe is a blatant attempt to shield establishment candidate Hillary Clinton and, in turn, relinquish important political ground to the Republican candidates. ...

Given that Saturday's are known for having the lowest weekly TV ratings—particularly among people 18-35 years old, a key Democratic voting bloc—the DNC is facing renewed criticism for its debate schedule, which critics say is a clear attempt to protect the Democratic frontrunner. ...

What's more, the next two debates are also scheduled for potentially low-viewership weekends: the Saturday night before Christmas, and the Sunday night of the Martin Luther King Day weekend, during the National Football League playoffs.

-->The NYT leaves it to a newspaper in the UK to cover this story of how the DNC is manipulating the debates to favor the Wall Street favorite, Hillary Clinton, and in the process losing voter interest in the Democratic Party. 


Common Dreams:
"[International Committee of the Red Cross] Decries 'Deliberate' Attacks on Hospitals in Yemen. Nearly 100 healthcare facilities in war-torn country have been hit since March, aid group says. Hospitals and clinics in Yemen have faced continuing, "deliberate" attacks, an appalling trend that "disrespects the neutrality of health facilities" in war, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Tuesday.

Nearly 100 hospitals throughout Yemen have been attacked since March, the ICRC said, with the most recent airstrike hitting a clinic on Sunday in the southern city of Taiz—one the country's most populous regions, which has been under heavy fire for months. The shelling of Al-Thawra hospital in the south came just weeks after a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) clinic was hit in Haydan, in the north. ...

Amnesty International in October demanded an independent investigation of the bombing in Haydan, which it said could amount to a war crime. Further, the humanitarian aid group noted that while Saudi Arabia is leading the coalition, the U.S. is among the nations arming the coalition."

-->Could military attacks on hospitals become standard policy in countries being armed and supported by the US? Like torture, the violation of international law is becoming the rule in the expansion of the American Empire. The NYT didn't cover this story. 


Common Dreams:
"Adding to the chorus of voices sounding alarm on the impacts of the pending TransPacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday that there were 'some very serious concerns' regarding the 12-nation pact. 

Speaking to a conference in Geneva, Margaret Chan mentioned concern 'about interference by powerful economic operators,' and said, 'I have been hearing some serious concerns that the TransPacific Partnership, the biggest trade agreement ever, may adversely affect the market for generics and biosimilars and increase the cost of medicines.'

Repeating a comment she made in 2014, Chan asked, 'If these agreements open trade yet close the door to affordable medicines we have to ask the question: is this really progress at all?' "

-->The NYT is for trade deals like the TPP, and didn't print this story. Our newspaper of record often leaves out news that doesn't favor the interests of Big Pharma.

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