Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Common Dreams:
"Claims that trade pacts like the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will not trump public health and environmental policies were revealed to be fiction on Tuesday after Congress, bending to the will of the World Trade Organization, killed the popular country-of-origin label (COOL) law.

The provision, tucked inside the omnibus budget agreement, repeals a law that required labels for certain packaged meats, which food safety and consumer groups have said is essential for consumer choice and animal welfare, as well as environmental and public health.

Congress successful revoked the mandate just over one week after the WTO ruled that the U.S. could be forced to pay $1 billion annually to its NAFTA partners, which argued that the law 'accorded unfavorable treatment to Canadian and Mexican livestock.' "

-->A trade pact has just undone consumer and environmental laws about packaged meats. Too bad readers can't find the story in the NYT.


Common Dreams:
"Making Presidential Campaign History, Sanders Breaks Individual Contribution Record. The Bernie Sanders campaign announced Thursday that the Vermont senator has officially received two million contributions, putting him ahead—at this point in the election season—of every other candidate in U.S. history who was not a sitting president.

Top aides say Sanders could even beat President Barack Obama's 2012 record. 'In his run for a second term, reports indicated Obama receiving around 2.2 million contributions by the end of 2011, a figure Sanders still could surpass,' reads a campaign statement."

-->This good news for Bernie never made it into the NYT, a supporter of Wall Street and Military Industrial Complex candidate, Hillary Clinton. 


Haaretz in Israel:
"Haaretz Investigation: Israeli Corporations Gave Millions to West Bank Settlements.  From energy giants to makers of chocolate spread, documents show public and private Israeli companies have donated millions of shekels to settlements beyond the Green Line.

In Israel, whether you are buying milk or chocolate spread, talking on the phone or using banking services, you may be unknowingly making a small contribution to Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, a Haaretz investigation has found. Documents analyzed by Haaretz reveal the extent to which private and publicly-held Israeli companies donate to Jewish communities across the Green Line, with contributions amounting to millions of shekels over the last decade."

-->The NYT, as beholding to the Zionist Lobby as it is to Wall Street, didn't report this story.

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