Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Common Dreams:
"New Wall Street Journal/ NBC News polling numbers out Sunday showed that Donald Trump continues to lead the wide and varied Republican presidential field and—despite increasingly inflammatory rhetoric—reached a new high with 27 percent support.

The latest survey comes on the heels of an analysis by the Tyndall Report which showed that media coverage of Donald Trump eclipses that of all his rivals from both parties.

According to the study of nightly news programs on NBC, CBS and ABC, Trump has received more network coverage than all the Democratic candidates combined and accounts for 27 percent of all campaign coverage thus far. What's more, there appears to be a concerted 'blackout' of news about Bernie Sanders, despite similar voter support."

Democracy Now:
"A new report finds the flagship news programs at major networks NBC, CBS and ABC have dedicated 234 minutes this year to stories about Donald Trump—compared to just 10 minutes for Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The gap comes despite Trump and Sanders often having similar levels of support in primary polls. The Tyndall Report found ABC’s World News Tonight, for example, has devoted 81 minutes to Trump campaign stories—and less than one minute to Sanders, for the entire year."

-->Corporate owned media will do anything to Keep a candidate like Bernie out of the White House. Even promote the election of a fascist and racist like Trump.


Common Dreams:
"Congress Reportedly Slipping CISA [Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act] Spy Bill Into Must-Pass Omnibus. ... Following publication, Sari Feldman, president of the American Library Association, told Common Dreams that librarians are 'proud to stand with groups from every part of the political spectrum to expose and oppose the latest legislative attempt to advance a new mass surveillance law.'

'Shoehorning a new version of ‘CISA’ hostile to personal privacy into a massive omnibus spending bill is troubling as a matter of substance and process,' Feldman added, saying the group calls on Congress 'to reject this latest assault on privacy and democracy.' "

-->The NYT as well as other major media doesn't care about government spying on citizens. To our newspaper of record, CISA is "China Iron and Steel Association." Without media complicity, Congress would have a much harder time destroying civil liberties in the US.

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