Thursday, February 18, 2016

" 'The Ghost Warriors: Inside Israel's Undercover War Against Suicide Terrorism,' an interview of the author by Joe Donahue. ... It was the deadliest terror campaign ever mounted against a nation in modern times: the al-Aqsa, or Second, Intifada. This is the untold story of how Israel fought back with an elite force of undercover operatives, drawn from the nation’s diverse backgrounds and ethnicities." 

-->Joe Donahue has a nice radio personality and often that works out fairly well. His recent interview with Samuel Katz, however, shows how being affable when discussing Israeli apartheid ends up being complicit. He never questions Katz's portrayal of Palestinians as terrorists, nor expresses the least bit of doubt about the "heroism" of IDF special assassin teams. Why would NPR have a racist book like this on the Roundtable anyway? The answer is that NPR nationally as well as Alan Chartock locally are always busy whitewashing Israel's crimes. Alan is especially good at getting a Zionist perspective across to his listeners, even on a show discussing classical music. Like the other supposedly progressive media, including The NYT, Zionist propaganda always comes before a fair and accurate presentation of the news.


Common Dreams:
"The British government's move to outlaw boycotts, including those aimed at Israel, is being likened by critics to former Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher's support for apartheid South Africa.

Under the new plan, publicly-funded institutions that refuse to purchase goods and services from 'unethical' companies will face 'severe penalties,' senior government sources told the Independent. The prohibition protects any company that is signatory to the World Trade Organization government procurement agreement, including those 'involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.' ...

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is among those who has voiced opposition to the proposal, which he said amounts to an attack on local democracy. 'The Government’s decision to ban councils and other public bodies from divesting from trade or investments they regard as unethical is an attack on local democracy,' a Corbyn spokesperson told the press."

-->At least the English media is discussing this latest attack on freedom of speech. The NYT hasn't printed a word about the NY State legislature passing laws criminalizing boycott, divestment and sanctions against apartheid Israel. 


The Guardian UK:
"US military burn pits built on chemical weapons facilities tied to soldiers' illness
Though the US government disputes it, new evidence shows a link between service in Iraq and Afghanistan and cancers and untreatable bronchial illnesses.

In 2007, shortly after vice-president Joe Biden learned that his eldest son would be deployed to Iraq, the then-presidential hopeful turned to a modest crowd at the Iowa state fair and admitted that he didn’t want Beau to go. 'But I tell you what,' he said, his family lined up behind him. 'I don’t want my grandson or my granddaughters going back in 15 years and so how we leave makes a big difference.'

Beau arrived in Iraq the following year, and spent the next several months serving as a Jag officer at Camp Victory. .... Though he returned home safely in September 2009, he woke up one day a few months later with an inexplicable headache, numbness in his limbs and paralysis on one side of his body. ...

Though the underlying cause of Beau’s cancer cannot be confirmed, evidence gathered in a new book out Tuesday suggests a possible link between his illness and service. Based on clusters of similar cases, scientific studies and expert opinions, author Joseph Hickman proposes in The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers that US service members in Iraq and Afghanistan confronted more than one unexpected enemy that followed them home."

-->No story was printed in our newspaper of record, always eager to cover up the American Empire's crimes committed against its own troops.

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