Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Guardian UK:
"Officers last year fired stun guns at black and Hispanic people at a higher rate than at white suspects, and warned but did not fire at white suspects at a higher rate than they did black or Hispanic people, according to preliminary data from the first US state to require police to document their use of stun guns.

The new data from Connecticut come as police across the US face increasing scrutiny over their use of force, in the wake of high-profile fatal shootings by officers, especially of black suspects. Although stun guns have been billed as non-lethal alternatives to guns, they have resulted in deaths, and reliable information on how police use them has been lacking. ...

Within the overall number of stun gun incidents, officers fired at them 60% of the time in cases involving white suspects, 80% of the time in cases involving black suspects and 69% of the time in cases involving Hispanic suspects."

-->The NYT should have printed this important story, one that confirms that there are many law enforcement practices in the US that are clearly racist. But The NYT only offered this AP story to its on-line readers.


Common Dreams:
"From being victims of police killings to facing barriers to educational and health equity, African Americans are facing 'systemic racial discrimination' and deserve reparatory justice, a United Nations working group said Friday. ...

The statement comes from their preliminary findings after hearing from state and federal officials, as well as individuals and civil society organizations.

'Despite substantial changes since the end of the enforcement of Jim Crow and the fight for civil rights, ideology ensuring the domination of one group over another continues to negatively impact the civil, political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights of African Americans today,' said human rights expert and working group head Mireille Fanon Mendes France."

-->Even this story is a no-show for The NYT, the newspaper written for white men of means. What white privilege?


Human Rights Watch:
"Israel operates a two-tiered system in the West Bank that provides preferential treatment to Jewish Israeli settlers while imposing harsh conditions on Palestinians. Israeli courts apply Israeli civil law to settlers, affording them legal protections, rights and benefits not enjoyed by their Palestinian neighbors who are subject to Israeli military law, even though under international humanitarian law, military law governs the occupied territories regardless of citizenship. Israel’s privileged treatment of settlers extends to virtually every aspect of life in the West Bank. On the one hand, Israel provides settlers, and in many cases settlement businesses, with land, water infrastructure, resources, and financial incentives to encourage the growth of settlements. On the other hand, Israel confiscates Palestinian land, forcibly displaces Palestinians, restricts their freedom of movement, precludes them from building in all but 1 percent of the area of the West Bank under Israeli administrative control, and strictly limits their access to water and electricity. ...

Businesses also play a vital role in sustaining the settlements, thereby facilitating and benefitting from Israel’s violation of the international law prohibition on an occupying power transferring its civilian population into occupied territory and contributing to Israel’s discrimination against Palestinians in the West Bank. Businesses provide services of all kinds to settlers. At the same time, they contribute to the economic development of settlements by providing employment to settlers and tax revenues to settlement municipalities."

-->The NYT did an op-ed on this Human Rights Watch report. But why wasn't this very condemning HRW report covered as a news story? The report should be news first, and then the subject of opinion pieces. In fact, very few US media sources covered this story, with the exception of the Christian Science Monitor.

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