Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Common Dreams:
"With Tax Plan, Sanders Beats Both Clinton and Trump by Double Digits.

Beating out all other contenders from both major parties by double-digit margins, according to a new survey WalletHub/Survey Monkey published Monday, Sanders' plan was supported by 23 percent of respondents. In comparison, only 13 percent liked the plan of Hillary Clinton best, giving her a slight edge over the 12 percent who chose Donald Trump's plan. Taking the fourth and fifth spots respectively, Sen. Ted Cruz nabbed 8 percent support while Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) got 5 percent.

With the most progressive tax policy of any candidate, Sanders would dramatically increase taxes for the very wealthy and high-income earners (as well as moderate increases for the middle- and upper-middle classes) in order to pay for key planks of his social agenda including tuition-free public college, a Medicare for All healthcare program, massive infrastructure spending, and paid family leave for all workers." 

-->The NYT spends its time trying to belittle anything that Sanders has to say about economic fairness. Our newspaper of record is right up there with the monied interests supporting Hillary; it didn't print this survey about what the American people want.


"New York Times busted for anti-Bernie bias: The iconic, Clinton-endorsing newspaper slyly edits article to smear Sanders. As the media is slammed for anti-Sanders bias, the NYT changes a piece on Bernie's impressive legislative record. 

Media critics have for months blown the whistle on bias against Bernie Sanders. Progressive media watchdog FAIR has thoroughly documented how slanted the U.S. corporate media has been in favor of Wall Street-backed, corporate-friendly candidates like Hillary Clinton.

Studies have even shown that Donald Trump gets 23 times as much coverage as Sanders, even though the Vermont senator is more popular among Americans.
A case study in how this media bias works was exposed this week, in none other than the U.S. newspaper of record.

An anonymous user on the blogging website Medium revealed how the New York Times substantially edited an article about Sanders’ long history of legislative victories, excising the more positive facts and comments."

-->The NYT is at it again, secretly changing a news story to make Hillary look better. 


Common Dreams:
"Another member of Berta Cáceres' Indigenous rights group was brutally murdered by unidentified assailants on Tuesday, following a violent eviction of Indigenous people from their land. Nelson Garcia, a father of five and community leader, was shot four times in the face—'gunned down in his home,' the Nation reported. His assassination occurred less than two weeks after Cáceres', and only days following her funeral.

Local reports say that his death occurred shortly after the Honduran government's dispatching of riot police and bulldozers to evict 150 Indigenous people from their homes in Rio Chiquito, where they had occupied ancestral land for two years in protest of the Agua Zarca megadam project. ...

The megadam is to be built on the Gualcarque River, ancestral territory of the Lenca tribe—of which Cáceres was a member—and a critical water source for the Indigenous people. ... Garcia's death 'brings to 14 the number of COPINH members who have been murdered since the group was founded in 1993,' observed fellow activist Beverly Bell."

-->The NYT only carried one very short article about this assassination, written by the Associated Press. Almost all the above information is left out of the AP article: the riot police evicting 150 indigenous people, the megadam project on territory of the Lenca tribe, and the number of rights workers who have been murdered in the recent past. Most importantly The NYT leaves out the role of Hillary Clinton in establishing the bloody Honduran dictatorship.

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