Thursday, March 10, 2016

Guardian UK:
"Barack Obama has rescheduled a trip to Buenos Aires following criticism over his planned presence in the Argentinian capital on 24 March, the 40th anniversary of the brutal 1976 coup that installed a military dictatorship, which the US initially supported. ... A military junta imposed martial law on 24 March 1976 and began the killing of thousands of mostly young opponents of a regime that continued until democracy was restored in 1983.

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who won the Nobel peace prize for his human rights work during the dictatorship, had warned that Obama’s arrival would coincide with huge marches in commemoration of the victims of the coup, and could even provoke confrontations.

'Obama represents a country that was responsible for various military coups in Latin America, including those in Chile and Argentina,' he told the Guardian." 

-->The NYT didn't carry this story in its print edition, and only had a toned down Associated Press report of it on the NYT website. Our newspaper of record has always sanitized the empire when it comes to overthrowing elected governments in the rest of the world. No wonder most US citizens think that American foreign policy is based on human rights.


"While Europe may think of itself as part of an enlightened West, using aid to defend Palestinians’ rights, the reality is less reassuring. The aid may actually be making things significantly worse. Shir Hever, an Israeli economist who has spent years piecing together the murky economics of the occupation, recently published a report that makes shocking reading.

Like others, he believes international aid has allowed Israel to avoid footing the bill for its decades-old occuption. But he goes further. His astonishing conclusion – one that may surprise Israel’s settlers – is that at least 78 per cent of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israel’s coffers.

The sums involved are huge. The Palestinians under occupation are among the most aid-dependent in the world, receiving more than $2bn from the international community a year. According to Hever, donors could be directly subsidising up to a third of the occupation’s costs."

-->The NYT didn't print this story. It certainly sheds light on the pervasive corruption of Israel's occupation, but that is news that our newspaper of record goes out of its way to avoid.


Guardian UK:
"Officials in Honduras have refused to allow the only witness to the murder of environmental activist Berta Cáceres to leave the country and return to his native Mexico. Gustavo Castro Soto, coordinator of Friends of the Earth Mexico and director of the NGO Otros Mundos, was shot twice during the attack on Cáceres on Thursday morning, and only survived by playing dead.

Officials are treating him as a protected witness, according to the Associated Press, but activists say that the Honduran attorney general’s office has issued a 30-day immigration alert against him, preventing him from leaving the country. ...

Cáceres’s nephew, Silvio Carrillo, said that Soto was not allowed to sleep or change out of his bloodied clothes after the attack. 'The treatment [Castro] received for three days was tantamount to abuse,' he said. In an open letter published by Honduran newspapers, Castro alleged the crime scene was altered, while he was only offered medical attention three days after the attack."

-->No mention of the witness, Gustavo Soto, by The NYT. And certainly no mention of the support the US gave for overthrowing the elected President of Honduras, leading to yet another bloody dictatorship in Central America. Hillary Clinton was behind the US coup, and that was omitted from the story as well.

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