Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Common Dreams:
"A leak at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state has prompted warnings of 'catastrophic' consequences, as workers attempt to clean up more than eight inches of toxic waste from one of 28 underground tanks holding radioactive materials leftover from plutonium production.

Alarms on the site began sounding on Sunday, leading workers to discover 8.4 inches of toxic waste in between the inner and outer walls of tank AY-102, which has been slowly leaking since 2011 but has never accumulated that amount of waste before. ...

'This is catastrophic,' the worker, Mike Geffre, who first discovered that the tank was failing in 2011, told King-TV on Monday. 'This is probably the biggest event ever to happen in tank farm history. The double shell tanks were supposed to be the savior of all saviors [to hold waste safely from people and the environment].' " 

-->For Earth Day, the NYT is busy trying to sell nuclear power to a dubious public in a news article entitled "Climate Change Bias, But on Both Sides." All the "bias" the article cites is against nuclear power which is a favorite Wall Street investment. The NYT didn't cover the Hanford leak.


Common Dreams:
"Though Clinton led Sanders by sixty points when he entered the campaign less than a year ago, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Monday shows that lead has been 'all but eliminated' – with only two percentage points now separating the Democratic candidates.

As the Journal reports, 'The result continues a steady narrowing of the gap between the two Democratic candidates since January, when Mrs. Clinton led by 25 points, 59% to 34%. And it is a far cry from the way the race looked when Mr. Sanders began his campaign last year: In June 2015, a Journal/NBC poll found Mrs. Clinton leading by 60 percentage points, 75% to 15%.' ...

Though the mainstream media continues to describe Clinton as holding the strategic advantage to ultimately win the Democratic nomination, Monday's poll is only the latest in a series of surveys to reveal growing support for Sanders and waning enthusiasm for the former secretary of state."

-->The NYT has been rooting for Hillary ever since she declared herself a candidate. The newspaper prefers to talk about her dismal "likability" polling, assuring readers that Donald Trump is even more disliked by voters. The lesser of two evils another time around.


Democracy Now:
"Democracy Awakening: Mass Civil Disobedience Planned on Capitol Hill to Cap Week of 900+ Arrests. More than 900 people have been arrested over the past week on Capitol Hill in a series of unprecedented protests against the influence of big money and corporate lobbying in politics. More civil disobedience is scheduled for today. The arrests began last Monday during an event organized as part of a wave of actions dubbed Democracy Spring. Another protest began on Saturday under the banner of Democracy Awakening. ...

REV. WILLIAM BARBER: 'I come from the South, from North Carolina, where we have seen, since Shelby, the worst coordinated attack in this country. At the very time that African Americans are voting at 70 percent and we’re building fusion with progressive whites and Latinos, we’ve seen an extremist governor and Legislature vote to put in place apartheid voting districts. We’ve seen them shorten the early voting period by a full week, because 70 percent of those that use the first week are African-American. We’ve seen them eliminate same-day registration, because 43 percent of those that use same-day registration are African-American. And we’ve seen them pass a strict form of photo ID that negatively impacts 300,000 voters. This is—this is a racial and class attack on our democracy.' "

-->The NYT didn't print this story about "Democracy Awakening." 900 people arrested in Washington wasn't considered "fit to print," especially for a newspaper that's supporting Wall Street's favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton. Let's face it, the NYT has always been against any awakening of democracy in America.

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