Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Israeli soldiers are almost never prosecuted for killings in the occupied Palestinian territory, the Israeli human rights group Yesh Din said yesterday after finding over the past 15 years, no officers were indicted for murder, and only one soldier was convicted of homicide in the case of the killing of a foreign national.

No soldiers were charged with homicide in the slaying of Palestinians during the period of September 2000 to November 2015. In this time frame Israeli forces killed more than 5,500 Palestinians and ten foreign nationals in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, according to the human rights group B’tselem (this figure excludes casualties from both the 2009 and 2014 wars in Gaza).

'The fact is that we see the cases and we see the statistics, and it just seems the army doesn’t know how to or doesn’t have the ability to investigate these cases property,' said Yesh Din spokesperson Gilad Grossman, 'And I’m not sure they have the will to do it either.' "

-->The NYT did not cover this story. I just doesn't fit the pro-Israel narrative so prevalent among our corporate controlled media. 


Common Dreams:
"Providing 'a rare glimpse into how federal informants work,' The Intercept on Thursday published a recording of a conversation between a lonely, 21-year-old Michigan man and the woman whom he tried to impress by claiming he had both an AK-47 and supposed aspirations for violence.

The man is Khalil Abu Rayyan, who has been indicted on federal gun charges. The woman called hersel 'Jannah Bride,' and claimed to be a 19-year-old Sunni Muslim. In fact, she was an FBI informant who, when Rayyan spoke of wanting to kill himself, 'deftly steered the conversation to violence against other people.'

Jannah Bride was what is known as an FBI 'honeypot'—a spy who uses romantic allure to entrap his or her target. ... Indeed, a 2014 report from Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School's Human Rights Institute revealed the many ways in which U.S. law enforcement treats American Muslims like 'terrorists-in-waiting.' "

-->The NY Times never questions Muslim entrapments by the FBI, insuring that the newspaper will be considered part of the problem when our country finally looks back on its decades of state sponsored Islamophobia.   


Democracy Now:
"After Hillary Clinton has the nomination nearly sewn up, the New York Times decides to run a Sunday magazine piece titled 'How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk,' by Mark Landler revealing conclusively that she has a greater 'appetite for military engagement' than anyone else in the race, on either side. ...

The article details Clinton’s long commitment to the use of force, including incidents never revealed before; explains why Donald Trump is likely to be far less eager to go to war than she would be; and says that Clinton had to hide her hawkishness during the primaries so far. ...

The piece is an ode to Clinton’s 'pugnacity' and her 'muscular brand of American foreign policy,' with a celebratory chorus line of Robert Gates, Jake Sullivan and various functionaries. And lest you had any doubt about the newspaper’s point of view, there’s this foolish bonbon at the end: 'And yet, after the retrenchment of the Obama years, there is polling evidence that they are equally dissatisfied with a portrait of their country as a spent force.' "

-->The NYT isn't exposing Hillary the war hawk as much as celebrating a return to the aggressive use of US military force in the rest of the world. More war with Hillary proclaims our newspaper of record!

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