Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Common Dreams:
"Anti-corporate activists, organic farmers, Indigenous peoples, environmental groups and others took to the streets across six continents and over 400 cities on Saturday in a global grassroots march against bioengineering giant Monsanto. 'The fight against corporate control of our food is global,' a food sovereignty campaigner with UK-based nonprofit Global Justice Now rallied the crowd marching in London. ...

This year's march takes place amid allegations of collusion and industry rigging of the regulatory processes surrounding the company's toxic weedkiller Roundup and GMO crops in Europe and the United States. The campaign, based in the U.S., described why so many are fighting the chemical behemoth in a statement:

Monsanto has infiltrated various agencies within the United States government, and as a result both public health and the health of our environment has suffered greatly.

Glyphosate, the cancer-linked herbicide that is an essential component in the expansion of GMO crops, is already being banned around the world over safety concerns. Here in the United States, glyphosate is consistently being discovered in everything from hospital feeding tubes and tampons to the breast milk of nursing mothers."

-->If there is an evil company in the world, then Monsanto is it. But The NYT always gives its corporate buddies a pass. It didn't print this story about the worldwide march. 


Common Dreams:
"Pentagon officials tasked with protecting whistleblowers have lied under oath, illegally destroyed documents, and gone out of their way to ruin people's careers and lives for attempting to raise concerns about government abuses of power, according to a high-ranking Department of Defense (DoD) official, John Crane, who went public with his story on Sunday.

Crane's explosive revelations are being released in coordination by the Guardian, Der Spiegel, and Newsweek Japan.

'We need iron-clad, enforceable protections for whistleblowers, and we need a public record of success stories,' whistleblower Edward Snowden responded to Crane's revelations in the Guardian. 'Protect the people who go to members of Congress with oversight roles, and if their efforts lead to a positive change in policy—recognize them for their efforts. There are no incentives for people to stand up against an agency on the wrong side of the law today, and that's got to change.' "

-->This story makes the Pentagon, the FBI, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton look like liars. There is no way that Snowden could have followed established channels to expose governmental wrongdoing. Our newspaper of record covers things up quite nicely by not reporting the story.


Common Dreams:
"Pro-Clinton Democrats join Big Pharma and state Republicans in fighting to defeat first-in-the-nation ballot measure for statewide single-payer plan.

Highlighting the divisions in the Democratic party this election, Colorado's ballot measure for a universal, single-payer healthcare plan is facing unexpected resistance from the very same party that has been calling for such a healthcare plan since the 1990s.

'There is a disconnect between the powers that be and the people,' said state senator Irene Aguilar, a former doctor and the chief architect of the statewide 'Medicare-for-all,' called ColoradoCare, in an interview with the Guardian. 'The powers that be are incrementalists. There hasn't been a courage of conviction to try and deal with [healthcare coverage].' "

-->The NYT did report this story, but the emphasis was not on Democrats working with the insurance industry and Big Pharma to defeat universal healthcare. That story is too close to the truth, and too supportive of Bernie Sanders' run for the nomination.

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