Thursday, June 23, 2016

The NYT:
"SAN FRANCISCO — Brian Chesky, chief executive of Airbnb, made a vow this month to root out bigotry from his business.

His online room-sharing company has recently been grappling with claims of discrimination, with several Airbnb users sharing stories on social media about how they were supposedly denied a booking because of their race. The issue came into the open in December, when a working paper by Harvard University researchers found it was harder for guests with African-American-sounding names to rent rooms through the site. 

'This is a huge issue for us,' Mr. Chesky said at a company event in San Francisco in early June. 'We will be revisiting the design of our site from end to end to see how we can create a more inclusive platform.' "

-->The issue of racism was huge for The NYT as well, which printed a very detailed article about Airbnb's often discriminatory policies. Of course, the biggest example of Airbnb's bigotry is the company's insistence on renting apartments in West Bank settlements built on stolen land to Jewish clients only. No Palestinians need apply, even though the housing is on the very land illegal confiscated from them. Our newspaper of record always puts preserving Israel's good image above honest reporting; there was no mention of settlement Airbnb rentals.


"The Washington Post reported on Tuesday (6/14/16) that Russian intelligence had hacked the DNC servers to steal opposition research on Donald Trump: 'Russian Government Hackers Penetrated DNC, Stole Opposition Research on Trump.' 

While the Post story by Ellen Nakashima was sourced to 'committee officials and security experts who responded to the breach'—i.e., CrowdStrike, the security firm hired by the DNC—that attribution dropped out of the headline, presenting Russian government culpability as an unquestioned fact. This framing was echoed by dozens of media outlets who picked up on the story and uncritically presented Russian guilt in their headlines without qualification ...

Then something strange happened. Wednesday afternoon, a person or persons using the name “Gufficer 2.0” (referencing a hacker who infamously got into the Bush family emails) published online what appears to be detailed information derived from the hack. ... 

As NATO and Russian tensions build to Cold War levels, wouldn’t it be prudent for editors, at the very least, to throw in an 'allegedly' or two? Instead, what we have is lockstep condemnation from a press eager to demonize the Russian menace. Just because those in power are preparing for a 'new Cold War' doesn’t mean the media need to play along."

-->FAIR nails the mainstream media again for poor journalism and pro Pentagon bias. 


The Guardian UK:
"CIA medical personnel acknowledged that placing detainees in small boxes barely large enough to fit their bodies inside was not 'particularly effective', but they still provided guidance permitting interrogators to continue using the so-called 'confinement boxes' for hours on end.

Sensitive agency documents, declassified on Tuesday, provide a new level of detail on the intimate involvement of its medical staff during its post-9/11 torture program. Officials assigned to the Office of Medical Staff (OMS) provided precise specifications for enforcing sleep deprivation, limiting the caloric intake of detainees’ food, and the proper positions for waterboarding, as outlined in a 2004 document providing 'guidelines on medical and psychological support' for torture.

In the event that a detainee stopped eating and drinking inside the agency’s unacknowledged prisons overseas, known as 'black sites', OMS advised that the preferred method to forcibly hydrate a detainee was rectally – a procedure that human-rights advocates have equated to sexual assault."

-->The NYT didn't print anything about the mindless torture, anal rape and murder that were unleashed on innocent captives by the CIA. Why not let the American public know what was done in their name? War criminals given a free pass, by our governments and our media.

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