Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Intercept:
"Leaked internal emails from the powerful Democratic think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) shed light on several public controversies involving the organization, particularly in regard to its positioning on Israel. They reveal the lengths to which the group has gone in order to placate AIPAC and long-time Clinton operative and Israel activist Ann Lewis — including censoring its own writers on the topic of Israel. ...

For years, CAP has exerted massive influence in Washington through its ties to the Democratic Party and its founder, John Podesta, one of Washington’s most powerful political operatives. The group is likely to become even more influential due to its deep and countless ties to the Clintons. ... CAP founder John Podesta is set to run Clinton’s presidential campaign, and current CAP president Neera Tanden is a longtime Clinton confidante and adviser.

The recent CAP announcement of the Netanyahu event [A Conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on ways to strengthen the partnership between Israel and the United States] has generated substantial confusion and even anger among Democratic partisans. Netanyahu 'sacrificed much of his popularity with the Democratic Party by crusading against the Iran nuclear deal,' the Huffington Post noted. Netanyahu has repeatedly treated the Obama White House as a political enemy. ...”

-->One of the horrors of Hillary is her close ties to the warlike, far right in Israel. No mention of this in the mainstream media, including the NYT. Would Hillary get us into war faster than the demented Trump? Don't worry about this; just read about the Olympics.


The Guardian UK:
"A war of words has erupted between groups affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement and pro-Israel commentators over the characterization of Israel in their policy document released last week.

The policy platform titled A Vision for Black Lives, is a wide-spanning document that was drafted by more than 50 organizations known as the Movement for Black Lives. It goes beyond criminal justice and touches on many issues including education and economics.

In the Invest/Divest section of the platform, the group criticizes the US government for providing military aid to Israel.

'The US justifies and advances the global war on terror via its alliance with Israel and is complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people,' the platform says. 'Israel is an apartheid state with over 50 laws on the books that sanction discrimination against the Palestinian people.' ”

-->The NYT, didn't print this story. Why remind readers that Israel's oppression of the Palestine people has many similarities to America's Jim Crow treatment of Blacks. A news item like this just gets airbrushed out by our pro-Zionist newspaper of record.


"Microsoft has inadvertently demonstrated the intrinsic security problem of including a universal backdoor in its software after it accidentally leaked its so-called 'golden key'—which allows users to unlock any device that's supposedly protected by Secure Boot, such as phones and tablets.

The key basically allows anyone to bypass the provisions Microsoft has put in place ostensibly to prevent malicious versions of Windows from being installed, on any device running Windows 8.1 and upwards with Secure Boot enabled.

And while this means that enterprising users will be able to install any operating system—Linux, for instance—on their Windows tablet, it also allows bad actors with physical access to a machine to install bootkits and rootkits at deep levels. Worse, according to the security researchers who found the keys, this is a decision Microsoft may be unable to reverse."

-->Yes, anyone running a Windows computer or device has a secret backdoor, and Microsoft just leaked the key! This is a telling example of what the Internet would look like if the NSA or the FBI had a back door to every device in the US. Microsoft probably put the back door on for the NSA. No sign of this story in the NYT. You would get more information about government data collection watching the new film, "Jason Bourne."

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