Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Guardian UK:
"The president and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders both attacked TPP, a free trade agreement among the US and 11 other countries, on the campaign trail. Sanders praised Trump’s decision, saying TPP is 'dead and gone.' 

'Now is the time to develop a new trade policy that helps working families, not just multinational corporations,' Sanders said in a statement. 'If President Trump is serious about a new policy to help American workers then I would be delighted to work with him.'
'For the past 30 years, we have had a series of trade deals … which have cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and caused a race to the bottom which has lowered wages for American workers,' he said."

-->Although the NYT is filled with horror stories about Trump, it gives almost no coverage to the one person who is outspoken about workers' rights and economic justice, former candidate for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. That's because ultimately our newspaper of record is more horrified by a true reformer than a populist demagogue.  


Business Insider:
"Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority.
GOP members of Congress had been holding up the money.

A State Department official and several congressional aides say the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning, just before Donald Trump became president.

More than $227 million in foreign affairs funding was released at the time, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for U.N. organizations.”

-->This story has been reported in several publications around the world, but not in our own NYT. Still confirming the story?

UPDATE: This story covered by AP can now be found on the NYT website.


Truth Out:
"[A]s indicated in a recently-released report by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the financial security of retiring corporate CEOs is far, far greater than the financial security of average Americans.

According to the extensively researched IPS report, A Tale of Two Retirements, 100 corporate CEOs possess company retirement funds totaling $4.7 billion -- an amount equivalent to the entire retirement savings of 41 percent of U.S. families (50 million families, including 116 million Americans). ...

Indeed, the top 100 CEO nest eggs, if averaged, would generate a $253,088 monthly retirement check to these 100 individuals for the rest of their lives. By contrast, workers who had 401(k) pension plans at the end of 2013 had only enough in these plans to pay them an average monthly benefit of $101.  Of course, these were the lucky ones. Among workers 56 to 61 years old, 39 percent had no employer-sponsored retirement plan at all, and would likely depend on Social Security, which pays an average of $1,239 per month, for retirement security." 

-->More robbery by the financial elites, this time from our senior citizens. This story didn't make the NYT, which is quite comfortable in the new Gilded Age.

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