Wednesday, January 04, 2017

International Business Times:
"Israeli soldiers detained a 7-year-old Palestinian boy reportedly using him as a human shield, an Israeli human rights organization claimed Thursday. The incident occurred during the weekly protest in Palestine’s Kafr Qadum town in the West Bank region. The boy, identified as Muamen Murad Mahmoud Shteiwi, is a resident of the town and told the B'Tselem human rights group the soldiers knocked him over and grabbed him, detaining him for 10 minutes while they opened fire at the protesters last week. ...

Israel has been accused in the past of torturing Palestinian children and using them as human shields. The United Nations, in 2013, accused Israeli troops of mistreating children in the Gaza and West Bank regions. 'Hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed and thousands injured over the reporting period as a result of the state party military operations, especially in Gaza where the state party proceeded to (conduct) air and naval strikes on densely populated areas with a significant presence of children, thus disregarding the principles of proportionality and distinction,' the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said in a report."

-->The NYT didn't carry this story, and rarely reports on Israel's abuse of Palestinian children. It just doesn't fit with the newspaper's favorite theme of the IDF being the "world's most moral army."


Common Dreams:
"As the U.S. expels 35 Russian diplomats over hacking charges, critics say the so-called evidence released Thursday alongside President Barack Obama's sanctions is an insufficient response to calls for hard proof of the allegations.

The FBI/Department of Homeland Security Joint Analysis Report 'Grizzly Steppe,' published as part of the White House's response to alleged Russian government interference in the 2016 election process, 'adds nothing to the call for evidence that the Russian government was responsible for hacking the [Democratic National Committee, or DNC], the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee], the email accounts of Democratic party officials, or for delivering the content of those hacks to WikiLeaks,' wrote cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr on Friday.

The brief report 'merely listed every threat group ever reported on by a commercial cybersecurity company that is suspected of being Russian-made and lumped them under the heading of Russian Intelligence Services (RIS) without providing any supporting evidence that such a connection exists,' Carr said."

-->There are plenty of IT professionals who doubt that Russia hacked the US election, but readers won't find their names in the NYT. We are back to stories like the WMD's in Iraq, all conjecture and no proof at all. The NYT providing "fake news" again for the Pentagon.


"This past week, the Pew Research Centre released the results of a massive poll of Israeli public opinion — focusing on their attitude towards religion, identity, values and political issues facing their country.

In the days that followed the release, a number of articles appeared in Israel and the US commenting on the study’s findings. The strangest and most troubling of them was the piece titled 'Deep Rifts Among Israeli Jews Are Found in Religion Survey', printed in the New York Times on March 8, 2016.

Written by Isabel Kershner, the article was a transparent effort to combine straight reporting with tortured apologia. ... Kershner’s straightforward reporting ended, however, when she came to one of the poll’s more disturbing findings: 'nearly half of Israeli Jews said that Arabs should be expelled of transferred from Israel'.

Unable to allow that result to stand on its own, in the same sentence, Kershner added 'although Israeli pollsters found the wording of the question problematic'."

-->Kershner's reporting on Israel is a classic case of distorted information and subtile faults in logic. It is worth while reading exactly how this pro-Israel propaganda is written for the NYT.

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