Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Common Dreams:

United Nations and other international aid officials have been warning that Yemen is on the brink of famine. 'Donald Trump’s Shift On Yemen Risks Plunging The Country Into Famine,' the Huffington Post reports, warning that the Trump Administration may be giving Saudi Arabia a green light to attack and close the critical port of Hodeidah, blocking Yemen's food imports. 

'Yemen war causing world's worst food crisis,' Vatican Radio reports.'Time running out: 1.4 million children could die from famine in Africa & Yemen, says UNICEF,' RT reports. But a search of recent stories on the New York Times' website only turns up wire stories, not a regular New York Times article."

-->The NYT and much of the media avoids talk about war crimes in Yemen. Our bombs are being used, and the US is even fueling the attack jets, flown by Saudi Arabia, our willing thug in the Middle East.


Democracy Now:
"Keith Ellison started out very strong in this race. He received endorsements not only from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but also from Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, from a wide variety of labor unions. I mean, in a way, he really was the unity candidate in that he had brought together Sanders backers and Clinton backers.

But as the campaign developed, we started to see more and more negative hits pop up in the media. We saw one of the largest donors of the Democratic Party, entertainment tycoon Haim Saban, who’s an Israeli-American businessman, come out and say that he’s an anti-Semite, say that he’s anti-Israel. The Anti-Defamation League called on Keith Ellison to be disqualified. The night before the vote, delegates were getting emails from the American Jewish Congress saying that, you know, Keith will be really bad for the U.S.-Israel relationship and that he shouldn’t be confirmed.

There was a widespread sort of smear campaign targeting Keith Ellison for his view about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is actually quite moderate. You know, he believes in a secure Israel. He’s voted for aid to Israel most of the time. But he also believes in rights for Palestinians. He opposes the blockade on Gaza. He opposes the settlement construction. And he’s been vocal about that. And he’s talked to both sides, and he’s been very close to both the American Jewish community and the American Muslim community."

-->The inside story about the Democratic Party, one that the mainstream media avoids. Zionist billionaires continue to destroy progressive options.


"The New York Times is currently engaged in one of its most ambitious projects: Removing a sitting president from office. In fact, Times columnist Nicolas Kristof even said as much in a recent article titled  'How Can We Get Rid of Trump?'

Frankly, it’s an idea that I find attractive, mainly because I think Trump’s views on immigration, the environment, human rights, civil liberties and deregulation are so uniformly horrible, they could destroy the country. But the Times objections are different from my own. The reason the Times wants Trump removed is because Trump wants to normalize relations with Russia which threatens to undermine Washington’s effort to project US power deeper into Central Asia.

Trump’s decision to normalize relations with Moscow poses a direct threat to Washington’s broader imperial strategy to control China’s growth, topple Putin, spread military bases across Central Asia, implement trade agreements that maintain the dominant role of western-owned mega-corporations, and derail attempts by Russia and China to link the wealthy EU to Asia by expanding the web of pipeline corridors and high-speed rail that will draw the continents closer together creating the largest and most populous free trade zone the world has ever seen."

-->Trump removed because he is trying to avoid war? That's an opinion that you will never hear or read in the mainstream media. Our media is often little more than Pentagon propaganda. 

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