Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Guardian UK:
"Israel’s main government watchdog has criticised the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in a damning report on the 2014 Gaza war, saying the country was badly prepared for the threat of Hamas tunnels, and that many senior cabinet members were kept in the dark about vital information.

The long-awaited investigation into Operation Protective Edge from the state comptroller also said the government had for months ignored a growing humanitarian crisis inside Gaza, and failed to consider diplomatic moves that could have averted the outbreak of hostilities, Haaretz newspaper reported.

The war killed 2,251 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians according to UN figures, and 74 Israelis, including six civilians. The intense fighting over 50 days also reduced swaths of Gaza to piles of rubble, making 100,000 people homeless."

-->No printed story in the NYT. Only a Reuters story on the NYT webpage. Always providing cover for Israeli war crimes.


Common Dreams:
"Berta Cáceres' Murder Linked to U.S.-Trained Soldiers, Leaked Court Docs Show.
Leaked documents add weight to whistleblower's claim that U.S.-trained elite military troops killed prominent Honduran activist.

Leaked court documents obtained by the Guardian and reported on Tuesday appear to corroborate a whistleblower's claim that U.S.-trained special forces within the Honduran military were responsible for the death of prominent Indigenous land defender Berta Cáceres last year.

The whistleblower, a former soldier, alleged that the Honduran army was murdering activists on a secret 'kill list,' as Common Dreams reported. ... [T]he documents reveal that several of the military suspects received U.S. training and visited Cáceres' town multiple times in the weeks leading up to her death, according to the Guardian."

-->The NYT printed an opinion piece criticizing the US for continued military support of Honduras. But where was the US training of the murderers? Down the memory hole of our newspaper of record. 


The Washington Post:
"Tens of thousands of immigrants detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were forced to work for $1 day, or for nothing at all — a violation of federal anti-slavery laws — a lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit, filed in 2014 against one of the largest private prison companies in the country, reached class-action status this week after a federal judge’s ruling. That means the case could involve as many as 60,000 immigrants who have been detained.

It’s the first time a class-action lawsuit accusing a private U.S. prison company of forced labor has been allowed to move forward."

-->The NYT did not cover this story of immigrant slaves. Possibly because Obama's detention policies were clearly to blame. The Deporter in Chief still holds the title.

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