Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Common Dreams:
"Corporate media and D.C. politicians on both sides of the aisle are falling over themselves to shower praise on President Donald Trump for unilaterally bombing a Syrian air base on Thursday, demonstrating that Washington's hunger for war continues no matter who is at the controls.

Some talking heads' praise for the new war effort has been so over-the-top that it alarmed viewers, as when NBC's Brian Williams called the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles—which state media now reports have killed civilians, including children—'beautiful' no less than three times in 30 seconds. Williams even misguidedly quoted a Leonard Cohen lyric to gush over the strike. ...

The Washington Post's David Ignatius claimed that it was evidence that 'the moral dimensions of leadership' had penetrated Trump's Oval Office. And in a New York Times op-ed titled 'On Syria Attack, Trump's Heart Came First,' White House correspondent Mark Landler framed the bombing as 'an emotional act by a man suddenly aware that the world's problems were now his—and that turning away, to him, was not an option.' "

-->Oh, what a merry war we will have with both war parties talking tough about Syria. Even the nations most virulent warmonger, defeated lesser of two evils, Hillary Clinton, is calling for an attack on ALL of Syria's air bases, not just one. 


The Guardian UK:
"You can’t buy time – except, it seems, in America. Increasing inequality means wealthy Americans can now expect to live up to 15 years longer than their poor counterparts, reports in the British medical journal the Lancet have found.

Researchers said these disparities appear to be worsened by the American health system itself, which relies on for-profit insurance companies, and is the most expensive in the world. Their conclusion? Treat healthcare as a human right. ...

All of these health outcomes arrive in the context of widening general inequality. The share of total income going to the top 1% of earners has more than doubled since 1970, making the US more unequal than all but three developed countries: Chile, Mexico and Turkey."

-->The NYT doesn't think it newsworthy that the rich live much longer than the poor due to our dysfunctional medical system. All the news that comforts the 1%.


Democracy Now:
"What’s said on all sides, actually—Israel, Palestinians, international commentary—is that there are two options: either a two-state settlement, in accord with the long-standing international consensus, or else one state, which would be an apartheid state, in which Palestinians wouldn’t have rights, and you could have an anti-apartheid struggle, and Israel would face what’s called the demographic problem—too many non-Jews in a Jewish state. But those are not the two options.

There’s a third option, the one that is actually being implemented—namely, construction of a Greater Israel, which will not have a demographic problem, because they’re excluding the areas of dense Palestinian population, and they’re removing Palestinians slowly from the areas they expect to take over. ... The so-called Area C, where Israel has total control, about 60 percent of the West Bank, is slowly being incorporated into Israel with big infrastructure programs and so on. And this program is just taking place right before our eyes. The United States is providing diplomatic, economic and military support for it. It will leave the Palestinians with essentially nothing. There will be a Greater Israel, which will have—which will not face the dread demographic problem." -Noam Chomsky speaking on Democracy Now

-->The NYT would never express this opinion, and very rarely even quotes Chomsky, one our nation's leading intellectuals. If you want to know how Israeli apartheid will work, you will have to read a more reliable source of information on the Middle East. Our newspaper of record spends it's print on selling a new wars to the American public.

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