Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Guardian UK:
"America and the UK condemned Russian airstrikes that killed or injured hundreds of civilians during last autumn’s siege of Aleppo, accusing Vladimir Putin of war crimes. The question now is whether the US, backed by British air power, is committing similar atrocities against civilians in Mosul. ...

Fast-forward to Mosul in northern Iraq last week, where misdirected US airstrikes caused a massive explosion that reportedly killed at least 150 civilians sheltering in a basement. The Americans say they were targeting Islamic State fighters. The Russians said much the same about Aleppo – that they were attacking jihadi terrorists. Many people, not least the relatives of the Mosul dead, will struggle to see the difference.

American spokesmen do not deny the US launched airstrikes in the Jadida neighbourhood of Mosul. As to who was responsible for the civilian casualties, 'at the moment the answer is we don’t know', Colonel John Thomas said."

-->Luckily, the NYT does know the answer. Under the headline, "New ISIS Tactic in Iraq Fight: Gather Mosul Civilians, then Lure an Airstrike," we are told that all those civilian deaths are not really the fault of US forces at all. This story, based solely on a US "military spokesman," has all the factual backing of a Trump tweet.


"Black Man Stabbed to Death by White Supremacist–Then Smeared by Media. ...

Reading media reports of the incident, however, one would hardly know which of the two men was the cold-blooded killer and which was the victim. The New York Daily News (3/22/17)—which has a history of smearing black suspects simply on the say-so of the NYPD (, 5/2/16)—felt the need to mention the black victim’s prior, wholly irrelevant police record. ...

What, one might ask, does this have to do with anything? The reader is provided with no indication of Jackson’s criminal record, or whether there was any attempt to find it out, but somehow the rap sheet of the murder victim was primed and ready to go."

-->Yes, much of the mainstream media is still very racist. Even when a Black man is stabbed to death by a white supremacist stalker, the story is all about the Black man's police record.

9to5 Mac:
"Over a year ago, Apple removed an app called Metadata+ from the App Store. The app sent iPhone users alerts when a United States drone strike led to death. Apple’s reasoning at the time was that the app contained 'content that many users would find objectionable.'

Fast forward to this week and Metadata+ is again in the news for being approved and removed, all in the span of less than 12 hours. ... In a post on The Intercept, Metadata+ creator and developer Josh Begley explained the situation, noting that the app has been rejected 12 times since 2014. ...

Begley has a counter argument to that: 'If anything about the app is 'excessively objectionable or crude,' perhaps it’s the airstrikes themselves."

-->Even Apple protects the empire's image as we wage endless war in the Middle East. Drone killings are obscene, but so is Apple's attempt to hide the the truth from iPhone users.

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