Thursday, July 20, 2017

Middle East Monitor:

"Ever wanted to try and shoot a Palestinian? Israel has set up a military simulator which allows tourists to do just that.

Controversial fantasy 'anti-terrorism' camps set up in the occupied West Bank provide visitors with the opportunity to play the role of Israeli forces in a variety of situations, ranging from an explosion at a Jerusalem marketplace, to a stabbing attack and sniper tournament, Haaretz reported.

The industry has seen a boom in recent years, with six such facilities opening across the country, all of which use live ammunition. Former high ranking officers in the army teach tourists combat skills. Caliber 3, a camp set up in an illegal settlement, also includes a live demonstration of an attacker being taken down by police dogs, all for just $115 per person."

-- >Do you think the NYT would ever cover a story like this? Our newspaper of record works very hard to present positive images of apartheid Israel. The story wasn't reported.


Common Dreams:
"As Senate Republicans are reportedly set to introduce yet another version of their overwhelmingly despised and 'deadly' healthcare plan on Thursday, Medicare for All is experiencing an unprecedented surge in support from both the grassroots and elected officials.

Recent polls have indicated that most Americans favor something like the healthcare plan Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) proposed during his 2016 presidential campaign, despite the fact that his ideas were repeatedly denounced as 'unrealistic' and 'pie-in-the-sky' by politicians and major news outlets like the Washington Post. ...

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) noted that he is seeing support for Medicare for All even in the most conservative parts of his state.

'I've been asking each audience, I've been saying, 'How many people here 10 years ago would have supported a single-payer Medicare for All?' And it's a small number,' Merkley said. 'And then I ask, How many now? And the hands just go up throughout the room.' "

-- >When will our politicians catch up with what the people want as far as healthcare? Maybe when newspapers like the NYT publish accurate descriptions of what citizens want.


NLTimes the Netherlands:
"Israel demolished a Dutch development project consisting of 96 solar panels and other equipment for supplying power to Palestinian village Jubbet Adh Dhib on the west bank of the Jordan. The Netherlands spent about half a million euros on the project last year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is furious, AD reports.

'We immediately protested seriously with the Israeli authorities and demanded return of the goods. We're currently investigating the exact damages and what next steps can be taken', Foreign Affairs spokesperson Chris Bakker said to the newspaper.

Israeli soldiers raided the village on Wednesday morning. 'The Israeli soldiers also tried to drag the batteries away, but they were apparently too heavy. They were damaged, however', said Tamar Cohen, organizational development manager at Comet-me, the organization with whom the Netherlands donated the solar panels."

-- >What country would destroy the solar panels of a territory it occupies? No country, if you read the NYT. It didn't carry this story.

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