Thursday, August 31, 2017

Common Dreams:
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared in a speech on Monday that Israel's settlements in the occupied West Bank will remain 'forever,' remarks many critics characterized as an explicit statement of a longstanding commitment to maintaining and expanding settlements that have been deemed illegal under international law. ...

Netanyahu's remarks come as Israel has in the past two weeks destroyed or seriously damaged at least three schools for Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank. 'Just when they were due to return to the classroom, Palestinian children are discovering that their schools are being destroyed,' said Hanibal Abiy Worku, a director of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), an independent humanitarian organization. 'What threat do these schools pose to the Israeli authorities? What are they planning to achieve by denying thousands of children their fundamental right to education?' ...

'The two-state solution is a blatant and obvious farce that has no purpose other than to allow liberals to justify their support for Israel,' concluded The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, pointing to Netanyahu's speech. ..."

-->Our newspaper of record also works hard to allow liberals to justify supporting Israel. It completely omits stories like this. No reference to Netanyahu's flouting of international law. No story about the Palestinian schools being destroyed. 


Move On:
"On August 23, the New York Times published a major article on the humanitarian catastrophe produced by the U.S.-backed Saudi-UAE war and blockade in Yemen, acknowledging that Yemen is 'the world's largest humanitarian crisis' and that 'there is little chance for significant improvements unless the war ends.' But the August 23 NYT article falsely minimized the U.S. role in the catastrophe: 'the United States is not directly involved in the conflict.' ...

Urge the New York Times to correct its August 23, 2017 article to acknowledge that the U.S. is directly involved in the Saudis' war in Yemen through targeting assistance and midair refueling for Saudi-UAE warplanes bombing Yemen by signing our petition."

-->Letting the empire off the hook again! Let the NYT know Pentagon propaganda shouldn't take the place of accurate news. 


Common Dreams:
"Bernie Sanders, Nation's Highest Profile Socialist, Once Again Voted Most Popular. Sanders has repeatedly topped the charts on similar surveys and can now safely claim being the nation's most liked politician. ...

According to the [new Harvard-Harris] poll—conducted online from Aug. 17-22 with 2,263 Democrats, Republicans, and registered Independents—Sanders is currently the only politician in the whole country who 'a majority of Americans actually like.' Among the respondents, 54 percent view Sanders favorably with just 36 percent taking the opposite view. Compared to others included in the survey—including Republicans like McConnell, President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence as well as top Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California—it wasn't even close."

-->While some US media emphasized who was the most unpopular of politicians, rather than giving Bernie his due, the NYT omitted the story altogether. 

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