Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Guardian:
"UK's Jeremy Corbyn Admits What Most in US Won't: 'War in Afghanistan Has Failed." 'After 16 years of bloodshed and destruction,' says Labour leader, 'the Taliban are undefeated and terrorism is no less of a threat.'

While the U.S. certainly has outspoken critics of the war—some of them in Congress and many of them consistent in their opposition—few prominent politicians, journalists, or political observers have been willing to decry the nation's longest war as the misadventure it is."

-->What mainstream politician in the US tells it like it is? In addition, our media is busy creating new phantasies of military glory. The empire is without hope or sanity at this critical hour, willing to kill tens of thousands to put off the inevitable. 


Common Dreams:
"Centrist Democrats Riled as Warren Says Days of 'Lukewarm' Policies Are Over.
'The Democratic Party isn't going back to the days of welfare reform and the crime bill.'

In a wide-ranging and fiery keynote speech last weekend at the 12th annual Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) relentlessly derided moderate Democratic pundits calling for the party to move 'back to the center' and declared that Democrats must unequivocally 'fight for progressive solutions to our nation's challenges.' ...

Specifically, Warren took aim at a recent New York Times op-ed by Democratic commentators Mark Penn and Andrew Stein, who argued that Democrats must moderate their positions in order to take back Congress and, ultimately, the presidency."

-->Yes, the NYT is full of warnings against the Democrats moving left. Yesterday's opinion piece was entitled "It’s the Economy, Democrats, but Inequality Is Not the Issue." But where are Warren's words, or the words of other reformers in the pages of the NYT?

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