Thursday, September 14, 2017

The NYT:
"A Search for Reason in Nature's Chaos" is a headline in this Saturday's edition, along with a number of dramatic pictures of hurricane damage and massive wildfires in the Northwest. 

But rather than trying to find any reason, our newspaper gives us encouraging words: "Spates of Hurricanes, even major ones, are common in late summer" and "Wildfires have been happening out West for millenniums." The NYT grudgingly admits that some of it may have to do with climate change, although there is no mention of fossil fuels. 

The rest of the seven column article is about how futile it is to find meaning in catastrophes. End Times religions are rolled out, as are quotes from religious teachers and professors. Anything but admit that the oil and gas industries are wrecking the planet. Nothing but corporate propaganda in this time of climate crisis.


Common Dreams:
"As Texas and Louisiana cope with the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey and as Hurricane Irma continues to ravage Caribbean islands on its way to the United States, many are asking a pertinent question: Who should pay for the damage?

According to a 'landmark' study published in the journal Climatic Change on Thursday, the answer is clear: Big Oil. 'We know that the costs of both hurricanes will be enormous and that climate change will have made them far larger than they would have been otherwise,' write Peter Frumhoff and Myles Allen, two of the study's co-authors, in a piece for the Guardian.

The research also shows, they note, that massive oil companies have disproportionately contributed to rising sea levels and soaring levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide while deceiving the public about the costs of their business practices."

-->The NYT, still searching for an End Times reasons for climate change, didn't print this article.

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