Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Common Dreams:
"At a Harvard University Institute of Politics event on Monday, Tony Fabrizio—the chief pollster of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign—argued there is 'no question' that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would have defeated Trump in the general election had he emerged victorious from the Democratic primary.

'I think Sanders beats Trump,' Fabrizio concluded. 'I think Sanders would have had the ability to reach a lot of the less than college-educated, low-income white voters.'
Fabrizio's comments are consistent with polls conducted in 2016 showing that in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up with Trump, Sanders would have prevailed handily. More recent polls have produced similar results.

-->The NYT, along with much of the mainstream media, have long assumed just the opposite, that Hillary was the best way to beat Trump. The NYT continued its distortions of reality by not printing this article. 


Common Dreams:
"In an explosive and 'deeply disturbing' piece for Politico Magazine on Thursday, former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile drew upon her brief experience at the organization's helm to reveal the extent to which the 2016 nomination process was "rigged" in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In her account, Brazile details the deep 'internal corruption' of the DNC, the role the ostensibly neutral governing body played as a 'fundraising clearing house' for the Clinton team, and how those dynamics unfairly handicapped primary challenger Bernie Sanders. ...

'Since the election, it is not clear that the DNC has dealt with these problems yet,' writes Clio Chang of Splinter News, building on King's point. 'Tom Perez was installed as DNC chair over Keith Ellison, a move that was largely seen as giving Democratic elites more control over the party....The DNC is not doomed to repeat the problems of the past, but from Brazile's account, it's clear that the organization requires a major reckoning.' "

-->The NYT didn't cover this story so much as warn against Democrat "infighting." The NYT, in a recent Op-Ed, questions whether it is the "right time to start a three-alarm [fire]" when unity is needed to defeat the Trump agenda. In fact, no time is the right time to challenge corporate dominance of the Democratic Party, according to our newspaper of record.


Common Dreams:
"Seminal Moment as ICC Chief Prosecutor Seeks Probe of US War Crimes in Afghanistan. ...

In a move that could implicate U.S. military forces and the C.I.A., the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor on Friday said she would be asking the Hague-based body to begin a probe of possible war crimes committed in Afghanistan.

'This is a seminal moment for the ICC,' said Solomon Sacco, head of international justice at Amnesty International. 'Justice for victims of the Afghanistan conflict has taken far too long to arrive, but investigations like this one are the reason the Court was set up—to provide a last chance for justice when states parties have failed to deliver it.' "

-->The US mainstream media doesn't do stories about war crimes if they involve the Empire. The NYT, the Empire's most important propaganda arm, didn't print this story.

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