Thursday, September 13, 2018

"Up till now, the news reporting in the Times on the anti-semitism charges against the British Labour Party had been fair and the opinion pieces noxious, but now the news reporting is lining up with the noxious folk. Yesterday’s article datelined London, says that Jeremy Corbyn’s 'anti-Semitism crisis' is 'largely of his own making' ...

For that is the central issue in the Western debate: The instant Palestinians start getting support from someone who might have real power, the anti-Semite accusation is wheeled out, everyone remembers Who The Real Victims Are, and Palestinians are shoved under the bus.

That is the whole point of these charges. The discourse of anti-semitism is currently the central issue in the Western world for anyone who favors Palestinian rights, and I just wish people would start constantly and consistently pointing to the elephant in the room, which is that these fake anti-Semitism charges are not innocent. They are racist against Palestinians."

-->This refreshing opinion about the use of antisemitism charges to defeat progressive candidates in the US and England can't be read in our mainstream media. Are Zionists simply shills for the corporate elite, who certainly don't want these candidates to win elections?


Asia Times:
"Hanoi is demanding compensation from US manufacturers of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange, as a last resort to help families still suffering traumatic birth defects almost 50 years after the end of the Vietnam war. ...

From 1961 to 1971, the US dropped more than 75 million liters of Agent Orange and other herbicides over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in what was then called Operation Ranch Hand, in a scorched-earth policy to strip the terrain of foliage and food supplies in an effort to defeat the Viet Cong. ...

[N]ew generations of the Vietnamese population continue to suffer from prolonged effects of the poison through the food supply as well as deformed children from genetic mutations passed on by their parents. The Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA) says more than 4.8 million people were exposed to the herbicide and 3 million of them suffered deadly diseases."

-->The NYT, ever the apologist for the empire's war crimes, didn't print this story.


Common Dreams:
"With the premiere of his latest documentary film, 'Fahrenheit 11/9,' receiving a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore issued a plea to audiences to come away from the movie with an understanding that simply removing President Donald Trump from office won't do away with the circumstances which led to him being there.

'Donald J. Trump did not just fall from the sky,' wrote Moore in a statement on his website. 'His rise to the presidency was not an aberration and should not have come as a shock.' ...

The film examines some of the undercurrents of American culture which Moore has explored in his previous films: the unchecked corporate greed which has led to the decimation of whole communities and the 2008 financial meltdown, the subject of his films 'Roger and Me' and 'Capitalism: A Love Story'; the immense power of private interest groups like the NRA and for-profit health insurance companies, as he explored in 'Bowling for Columbine' and 'Sicko.' "

-->Lucky for the corrupt, corporate political system we are all burdened with, our newspaper of record didn't report Moore's new film.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Black Agenda Report:
"From 1992 till weeks before his death John McCain served as chairman of the International Republican Institute, a US government funded organization that interferes in the political processes of scores of other countries, training rebel groups to overthrow inconvenient elected governments, like that of John Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and many others. McCain and the IRI were prominent backers of neo-nazi politicians and armed militia groups in Ukraine who are now part of that country’s army and civilian government. ...

During his 32 years in the US Senate, the real John McCain was a consistent warmonger , advocating US military intervention in Africa, South America, Korea, and almost everywhere. He sang 'bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran' before a veterans group, and called demonstrators against Henry Kissinger 'despicable scum.' The record of his public calls for coups, invasions, blockades, bombings and assassinations to advance US military and economic domination of the planet is far too long to list.

All this explains why corporate media are lifting up their whitewashed and manufactured version of John McCain. He’s one of their own, a genuine war criminal and loyal servant of capital. Lifting him up, creating and embellishing his heroic story lifts up and legitimizes the rule of the rich."

-->Finally, an honest assessment of John McCain. The mainstream media just can't resist pleasing the Pentagon and the weapons makers by portraying McCain as an American hero. Disgusting, isn't it?


Common Dreams:
"Progressives Disgusted as Democrats Fold at Brett Kavanaugh Hearing. As more than 30 people were dragged away in handcuffs on Tuesday for protesting during the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, critics of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee demanded a comparable show of courage and called on those lawmakers—who failed to win a delay of the proceedings—to simply end their participation and walk out. ...

But those hopes were largely dashed when it became increasingly clear that the Democrats were not prepared for what would happen if Grassley refused to heed their calls, as he predictably did. The acquiescence was led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who ended the series of objections by delivering her prepared opening statement. ...

But critics held that continuing with the hearing at all was a betrayal of constituents who are counting on Democratic senators to serve their interests—as Republicans went to extreme lengths to block President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, from even having a confirmation hearing in 2016 in order to serve their party's interests.

-->More disgust at the Democratic leadership that can't stop selling out to right wing, corporate America. Mainstream media didn't dwell on Feinstein's cowardice. And with a net worth of $94 million, what does she care anyway?


Common Dreams:
"After the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition issued a statement on Saturday calling its deadly bombing of a Yemeni school bus 'unjustified' and claiming it was the result of mere 'mistakes,' human rights groups and progressive lawmakers ramped up calls for the U.S. to immediately halt all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which has been viciously bombing Yemen for years.

'We must end U.S. support for this disastrous war in Yemen,' Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) declared on Twitter Saturday evening. 'It is also long past time that we begin to take a very hard look at our relationship with Saudi Arabia.'

-->The NYT has finally gotten around to condemning the Saudi bombing in an opinion piece by the Editorial Board. But the news it presents to the public still whitewashes Saudi Arabia, with stories entitled "Saudi-Led Coalition Condemns U.N. Rights Report on Yemen." Contrast this to the AP headline: "Rights Group: Strike on Bus in Yemen Is Apparent War Crime."

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Guardian UK:
'Was it coincidence that a mass raid on two Memphis homes occurred on the first day of a trial in which police face claims of illegal surveillance of Black Lives Matter campaigners? ...

Witnesses described more than 50 heavily armed officers: local police, sheriff’s deputies, some from other agencies. Many shielded their identity with black ski masks. The score from this elaborate, multi-agency gang task force effort? A single “roach” from an ashtray, containing a quantity of marijuana too small to trigger an arrest. The homeowner was given a written citation.

Minutes away, at a downtown courthouse, the police department was entering its first day on trial. The case, brought by activists and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), alleges the Memphis police department (MPD) engaged in illegal surveillance of activists involved with Black Lives Matter and Fight for 15, including “catfishing” them with fake social media accounts."

-->Yes, the Memphis police are acting like the KKK in intimidating Black activists seeking justice in the courts. No, the US media including the NYT didn't print the story.


The Guardian UK:
"Since the beginning of 2016 – the year that a peace agreement was signed with Colombia’s largest leftist rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (or Farc) – some 311 activists, community leaders, and human rights defenders have been murdered, according to the national human rights office. At least 123 of those killings took place in the first six months of this year, in what the country’s human rights ombudsman described as 'an extermination'.

The 2016 deal was supposed to close a chapter in a civil war that had taken over 220,000 lives and left 7 million displaced, but while military casualties have dropped dramatically, activists and 'social leaders' – those who are trying to implement peace at the grassroots level – are living in constant fear."

-->The NYT and mainstream media won't cover this dirty war in Columbia, promoted by the US government. The same is true for the story of death squads in Honduras, another country dominated by a US after a military coup overthrew its democratically elected president. The NYT spends all its energy printing stores supporting the US backed attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government in Venezuela. Pentagon propaganda always comes before real reporting for our "newspaper of record."


Common Dreams:
"NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Receives Longest Sentence Ever For Unauthorized Disclosure. Her sentence for violating the Espionage Act is extraordinary, particularly when compared to sentences issued in other leak prosecutions. Yet, it is representative of the extent to which the government will go to make examples out of whistleblowers. ...

A [facility] was setup at the courthouse in Augusta for Winner to meet with her attorneys and work on her defense. Throughout this part of her case, she was routinely dehumanized, as she was shackled 12 hours each day. The shackles were at her waist so she could not drink a water bottle with her own hands.

When she wanted to use the bathroom, according to her mother, Billie Winner-Davis, officers would do a 'complete strip search on her.' Any time she was 'taken from the SCIF to return to jail,' they did a strip search on her. Humiliating and degrading strip searches served the purpose of domination and ensured Winner would recognize who was in control over her."

-->The NYT set the standard for US media reporting on Reality Winner's outrageously long sentence and her mistreatment in prison. For example, the newspaper didn't compare her long prison sentence to former general Petraeus, who gave top secret documents to his mistress and got no prison time at all. Her poor treatment was also completely omitted.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Guardian:
"Michelle Higgins was protesting a high-profile police killing in St Louis when the officers grabbed her. The activist’s arrest for 'failure to disperse' on 15 September 2017 wasn’t the only punishment she faced for marching. When she was released a day later, she learned that the police department had posted her name, age and address on Twitter, alongside 32 others arrested during the chaotic demonstrations sparked by the acquittal of an officer.

Most of the arrests did not result in charges, but the damage was done. It’s a law enforcement tactic that activists say has become increasingly common: police arrest protesters en masse, publicly shame them on social media, and then drop the cases.

The strategy can lead to intense online abuse for Black Lives Matter activists and other protesters. In the case of anti-fascist protesters, some critics argue that police are also boosting the agenda of neo-Nazis and white supremacists by exposing counter-protesters’ identities – and branding them violent offenders before they’ve gone to court."

-->No mention of this shaming tactic by the mainstream media, which often treats anti-fascist protesters just as badly. 


Common Dreams:
"Confronting the 'rot' of corruption that has poisoned every corner of the American political system and rigged government to work solely in the interests of the rich and well-connected, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday introduced legislation that would address the flagrant ethics abuses of the Trump White House while also taking on the systemic crisis that gave rise to the thoroughly crooked status quo.

'Let's face it: there's no real question that the Trump era has given us the most nakedly corrupt leadership this nation has seen in our lifetimes. But they are not the cause of the rot—they're just the biggest, stinkiest example of it.' 

Officially titled The Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act, Warren's bill proposes transformational changes to the way Washington functions in an effort to create a government that works for the needs of the public—not the needs of lobbyists working to pollute the planet, imprison more Americans, and hike live-saving prescription drug costs for profit."

-->The NYT didn't print this story, but buried it in an AP story on the NYT website. The two major parties are making billions from our corrupted system, and our newspaper of record defends this corporate duopoly every chance it gets.


The Guardian:
"The bomb dropped on a school bus in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition warplane was sold to Riyadh by the US, according to reports based on analysis of the debris.

The 9 August attack killed 40 boys aged from six to 11 who were being taken on a school trip. Eleven adults also died. Local authorities said that 79 people were wounded, 56 of them children. CNN reported that the weapon used was a 227kg laser-guided bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of many thousands sold to Saudi Arabia as part of billions of dollars of weapons exports.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest single customer for both the US and UK arms industries. The US also supports the coalition with refueling and intelligence."

-->How refreshing to state how closely the US is connected to the carnage in Yemen. The NYT never quite gets there, telling its readers that the newspaper "could not confirm" the bomb was made in the US.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Common Dreams:
"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) may believe that the Democratic Party is 'capitalist, and that's just the way it is,' but a new Gallup poll out Monday shows that support for capitalism among Democratic voters has hit a record low while a steady majority of the Democratic base has a favorable view of socialism.

'For the first time in Gallup's measurement over the past decade, Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism,' Gallup noted in a summary of its findings, which come as socialist candidates continue to surpass expectations, garner widespread enthusiasm, and win elections across the nation."

-->The NYT is busy trying to downplay any swing to the left in the Democratic Party. It didn't carry this story.


"An 11-year-old boy on Friday was able to hack into a replica of the Florida state election website and change voting results found there in under 10 minutes during the world’s largest yearly hacking convention, DEFCON 26, organizers of the event said.

Thousands of adult hackers attend the convention annually, while this year a group of children attempted to hack 13 imitation websites linked to voting in presidential battleground states. ...

'It’s not surprising that these precocious, bright kids would be able to do it because the websites that are on the internet are vulnerable, we know they are vulnerable,' [Matt Blaze, a professor of computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania] said. 'What was interesting is just how utterly quickly they were able to do it.' ”

-> The NYT has never taken voter machine hacking seriously, preferring to cover how the Russians stole the last election. This story was judged not fit to print.


Jewish Voice for Peace:
"it was truly upsetting this week when a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed one place where ICE has been learning techniques and tools: the Israeli military.

Three years ago former ICE Deputy Director, Peter Edge, joined a delegation to Israel where US & Israeli officials swapped notes on their shared and devastating goals. The group behind the trip was the Anti-Defamation League. ...

The real-world results of these trips have been Israeli & US officials sharing 'worst practices' -- deportation and detention, shoot-to-kill policies, massive spying and surveillance -- that have become the go-to policies of agencies like ICE."

->The NYT predictably did not cover this story. The "Gray Lady" never takes off her rose colored glasses when it comes to reporting Israel's shortcomings. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting - FAIR:
"Over the past 18 months, the New York Times has dedicated 21 columns and articles to the subject of conservatives’ free speech on campus, while only three covered the silencing of college liberals or leftists. A review of Times articles, columns, op-eds and reports shows a clear emphasis on documenting and condemning perceived suppression of conservative voices at American universities, while rarely mentioning harassment campaigns against leftist professors and/or the criminalization of leftist causes such as the pro-Palestinian BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement. ...

Professors silenced or fired over anti-Israel activities, like Berkeley’s Paul Hadweh or SUNY Plattsburgh’s Simona Sharoni, were not covered, much less defended, in the Times during the study period. The broader trend of anti-BDS activity threatening college free speech was almost never touched upon, and when it was, it was given only a fraction of the pearl-clutching reserved for the lack of far-right professors or the mean things said about Trump supporters by undergrads. ...

On the dubious altar of 'ideological diversity,' the paper of record sacrifices any sense of proportionality. With alt-right and neo-Nazi elements on the march—and a White House that’s at the very least sympathetic to them—the Times focuses its tremendous influence, time and again, on creating a space in academia for reactionary, racist and sexist views that are wildly overrepresented in almost every other sector of society."

-->Carrying water for the Alt-Right? Not really so surprising, as the NYT has always attacked progressives on the nation's campuses.  


Common Dreams:
"As some of America's most prominent corporate media outlets continued their lengthy blackout of Yemen's deepening humanitarian crisis—a catastrophe made possible by the U.S. government's enthusiastic military and political support for Saudi Arabia's years-long assault on the starving nation—the Saudi-led coalition on Thursday reportedly killed more than 50 people and injured over 100 more in a massive bombing campaign targeting the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah. ...

'It is a very painful sight, parts of bodies are everywhere around the hospital gates,' an eyewitness told Reuters, as Yemeni journalists and American activists intensified calls for the U.S. media to stop looking the other way while the Trump administration fuels the ongoing massacre of Yemenis with weaponry and intelligence."

-->The NYT can't help itself. It's editorial staff is so closely tied to the Pentagon that some of its writers are known to have gotten paid by the government. 

Here is a typical NYT article entitled "Savage Chaos in Yemen War, And All Sides Spread Blame." In the piece we learn that "... like so much of Yemen's civil war, many elements of the multiple attacks on Thursday remain hazy: who was responsible, and who or what was the intended target." One country was nowhere to be seen in the article. The same country that is supplying the war planes, refueling them in flight, and making the bombs. Could it be the US? Oh, the NYT's fog of war! 


The Guardian UK:
"Activists who attempted to sail a fishing boat carrying aid to Gaza but were intercepted by the Israeli navy have complained of violence during a boarding operation.

Israel held the 20 foreigners and the boat after they arrived several dozen miles off the coast of Gaza on Sunday and were in the process of releasing and deporting the crew, the group said. Most of those on board Al Awda, which means The Return in Arabic, were held in prison, while two Israelis on the vessel were released on bail.

Freedom Flotilla said the Norwegian-flagged boat had been surrounded by '12 military vessels with hundreds of armed soldiers'. 'Some participants were repeatedly tasered, including in the head. Others were punched or had their head beaten against a wall by IOF soldiers. Zip-cuffs were used in a manner which cut off circulation,' "

-->The NYT didn't cover any of this story, bound as they are by an umbilical cord to the right wing government of Israel's apartheid state. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Common Dreams:
"As wages for most American workers continue to steadily decline following the passage of President Donald Trump's massive corporate tax cuts at the end of last year, a new analysis of federal data by Axios found that the pay of some of America's top CEOs is often even higher than the astronomical numbers that typically appear in the headlines.

'The data is out: CEOs are cashing in their huge benefits from the [Trump tax cuts], meanwhile workers' wages are declining and Americans are struggling to afford rising healthcare premiums,' wrote the advocacy group Tax March in response to the new analysis."

->The NYT did not cover this study. Most of the NYT own Board of Directors are clearly in the class benefiting from astronomical CEO pay.


The NYT:
One may wonder why the NYT's Isabel Kirshner is still reporting on the Middle East. She is an Israeli citizen whose husband (also Israeli) works in an institute devoted to portraying the apartheid state in a favorable light, and whose son served in the IDF. She has been a featured speaker at the Israel Hasbara Committee, an organization devoted to spreading pro-Israel propaganda, and her biased coverage of Israel has been condemned by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

Her depiction of the release of Ahed Tamimi from jail has all the hallmarks of her subtile, pro-Israeli bias. Kirshner states that "Ms. Tamimi was arrested in December days after she was seen on video kicking, hitting, punching and shoving..." One only needs to watch the video to see how exaggerated this description is.

Other gems of misinformation include: "Ms. Tamimi is no stranger to the camera. She was recorded on video nearly three years ago biting the hand of another Israeli soldier who was trying to arrest her brother." The soldier had her 12 year old brother in a headlock at the time, and had pointed his weapon at other family members. 

Kirshner's theme in the article is to portray the Tamimi family as "publicity-seeking agitators who exploit children by putting them at the forefront of the struggle,' and to paint Ahed as appearing "to condone, or justify, stabbings, suicide bombings and other violence."

Shame on the NYT for being, once again, the propaganda organ of the apartheid state of Israel.


Common Dreams:
"A new USA Today investigation offers a searing indictment of maternal care in the United States, and says the country 'is the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth.'

'Deadly Deliveries,' the result of a four-year investigation, references federal data showing that more than 50,000 women are 'severely injured' and roughly 700 die during childbirth each year. Perhaps even more staggering is that 'half of these deaths could be prevented and half the injuries reduced or eliminated with better care,' the investigation found.

The findings, based on interviews with women and a trove of internal hospital records, 'reveal a stunning lack of attention to safety recommendations and widespread failure to protect new mothers.' "

-->The NYT avoids stories like this that make the US look too bad. And USA Today avoids the most damning part of the maternal care expose, the fact that Black mothers die at three times the rate of white mothers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Guardian UK:
"Terrorist attacks committed by Muslim extremists receive 357% more US press coverage than those committed by non-Muslims, according to new research from the University of Alabama. The researchers controlled for factors like target type, number of fatalities, and whether or not the perpetrators were arrested before reaching their final statistic.

Terrorist attacks committed by non-Muslims (or where the religion was unknown) received an average of 15 headlines, while those committed by Muslim extremists received 105 headlines. ...

The disparity in media coverage is particularly out of sync with the reality given that white and rightwing terrorists carried out nearly twice as many terrorist attacks as Muslim extremists between 2008 and 2016."

-->Our mainstream media distorts reporting on extremist events, showing its racism against Muslims in America. The NYT didn't carry this story, and we have to go to a foreign newspaper to find out how distorted the US media is. 


Common Dreams:
"Corporate Democrats are extremely worried about the wave of progressive enthusiasm that is sweeping the country in red and blue states alike, and—according to a report by NBC News on Sunday—they are beginning to organize a 'counterrevolution' to beat it back.

Ignoring survey after survey showing that progressive priorities like Medicare for All, a living wage, and tuition-free public college are overwhelmingly popular among the American public, Democratic politicians and operatives with the notorious think-tank Third Way used an invite-only event in Columbus, Ohio on Friday to tout an alternative agenda that centers on "opportunity" and access rather than equality—a platform that explicitly avoids alienating the ultra-wealthy.

'You're not going to make me hate somebody just because they're rich. I want to be rich!' Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said during last week's closed-door event, which was titled 'Opportunity 2020.' "

-->The NYT has just discovered the Bernie revolution (after several years). The adjectives used by our newspaper of record, "left-wing," "populist," and "far left," show how uncomfortable the monied establishment is with such progressives. 

As for Ms. Ocasio Cortez victory in her primary, the NYT wrote: "While she has quickly become a political sensation, however, she has also revealed her inexperience. She provoked some outrage by referring to Israel’s 'occupation' of Palestine..." Israel doesn't occupy Palestine? Only in the Zionist addled mind of our mainstream media.


Common Dreams:
"While much of the world's attention is currently centered on efforts by Russian operatives to sow discord among the American electorate with fake social media posts and 'troll farms' during the 2016 presidential election, an Oxford Internet Institute study published Friday found that use of social media by governments looking to 'spread junk information and propaganda to voters' has become a global phenomenon.

'Social media manipulation is big business,' the researchers found. 'We estimate that tens of millions of dollars are being spent on social media manipulation campaigns, involving tens of thousands of professional staff.'

In 30 of the 48 countries examined, Oxford researchers discovered 'evidence of political parties using computational propaganda during  elections or referenda. In emerging and Western democracies, sophisticated data analytics and political bots are being used to poison the information environment, promote skepticism and distrust, polarize voting constituencies, and undermine the integrity of democratic processes.' "

->Why no coverage of this story in the US media? How bad would Russia's interference look if every country was doing it?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"For a public radio service, NPR is notoriously known for its lack of diversity within its staff, audience and guests invited onto their shows—problems that NPR has itself acknowledged.

A new FAIR study finds that NPR’s diversity problem also extends into the board of trustees of its most popular member stations: Two out of three board members are male, and nearly three out of four are non-Latino whites. Fully three out of every four trustees of the top NPR affiliates belong to the corporate elite. ...

Out of the 259 total board members, 194—or 75 percent—have corporate backgrounds. Many of these board members are executives in banks, investment firms, consulting companies and corporate law firms. Some of the elite corporations include Verizon, Bank of America and Citigroup."

-->National Plutocrat Radio? The NYT wasn't interested in printing this story, probably because of all the male, white, corporate cronies on its board of directors.  


Common Dreams:
"A new analysis from The Associated Press delves into how billionaires are pouring their cash into state-level charter school advocacy groups.

Since 2006, such spending from the uber wealthy, via their private foundations and charities, has added up to nearly half a billion dollars, the analysis found.
AP, which looked at 52 charter advocacy groups in 44 states and Washington, D.C., also reported that the deep-pocketed donors 'directly channel support to pro-charter candidates through related political action committees or their own contributions.'

Case in point: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides 'an extreme example of how billionaires are influencing state education policy by giving money to state-level charter support organizations to sustain, defend, and expand the charter schools movement across the country.' "

-->The NYT is a friend of both the billionaires and of charter schools. It didn't print this story, but did carry the AP version on the NYT website.


Common Dreams:
"Confirming grave fears among progressives that Facebook's efforts to become an arbiter of "trustworthy" news would prioritize corporate and right-wing outlets over independent sources, the social media giant on Wednesday unveiled the first slate of news segments it will air in the coming days as part of its effort to combat "misinformation"—and the schedule is chock-full of Fox News.

'The network leads off coverage first thing in the morning, snagged the prime mid-day spot with a version of Fox News Update' ... and will get two weekend time slots,' notes Gizmodo's AJ Dellinger. 'It's the only news network that is a part of the Facebook-funded project to have a show on Facebook Watch every day of the week.'

Dellinger goes on to argue that Facebook's decision to include a heavy dose of Fox News in its Facebook Watch project is part of the platform's effort to 'placate its critics on the right,' who insist that the tech behemoth is somehow biased against conservative news sources."

-->Facebook pitching Fox news to the nation. The story didn't interest the NYT, although the result could put Trump's opinions front and center for millions of Facebook users.