Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Quaker group honored by Yad Vashem for helping Jews during Holocaust is now banned from Israel. One of the special ironies of the weekend’s news that Israel is barring 20 international organizations from entry because they support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is the appearance on that list of the venerable American Friends Service Committee, or AFSC, which was founded 101 years ago as an antiwar organization.

AFSC earned distinction and a Nobel Prize for helping Jews and other refugees escape the Holocaust. Now it is on that list because it is helping Palestinians!

P.S. This story feeds my spiritual understanding that Palestinians are being forced by Israel to recapitulate the history of the Jews. What we experienced in Europe, Palestinians must experience in Israel and Palestine. This time around we play the guys with the jack boots!"

-->The NYT failed to report this special irony. In fact, our newspaper of record didn't even mention the fact that Israel has banned 20 human rights organizations from visiting Palestine.


Common Dreams:
"American kids are 70 percent more likely to die during childhood compared with children in other wealthy, democratic nations, according to a peer-reviewed study published Monday by Health Affairs. ...

'The U.S. is the most dangerous of wealthy, democratic countries in the world for children,' he added. 'Across all ages and in both sexes, children have been dying more often in the U.S. than in similar countries since the 1980s.' ...

The risk of death is even higher for American infants and teenagers compared with their counterparts abroad. Babies in the U.S. are 76 percent more likely to die during their first year of life—often because of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or complications related to being born prematurely—while 15- to 19-year-olds are 82 times more likely to die from gun violence, which [Dr. Ashish Thakrar, the study's lead author] called 'the most disturbing new finding.' "

-->Making the US look bad is not something the NYT likes to do, especially since the newspaper is often in bed with the weapons makers and the private healthcare industry. It didn't print this story.


Common Dreams:
"A federal appeals court on Thursday struck down key provisions of Idaho's ag-gag law—which criminalizes those who secretly document abuse of animals at agricultural facilities—saying they violate the First Amendment.

The ruling, the result of a lawsuit led by Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), was hailed as a victory for animal rights, workers, and free speech.

Regarding the section of the law criminalizing 'misrepresentation' to gain access to a facility, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found 'the over-breadth ... staggering,' adding 'that the purpose of the statute was, in large part, targeted at speech and investigative journalists.'

Further, the court said 'Idaho is singling out for suppression one mode of speech—audio and video recordings of agricultural operations—to keep controversy and suspect practices out of the public eye.' "

-->This significant win for animals and for freedom of speech was ignored by the NYT, which almost always comes down on the side of Big-Ag.

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