Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Common Dreams:
"Amid Grassroots Push, Medicare for All Winning Big in Democratic Primaries. With Medicare for All reaching record levels of support among both members of Congress and the American public—where support for single-payer is spreading 'like wildfire'—policy platforms demanding that the U.S. ditch its wasteful and deeply immoral for-profit system in favor of guaranteed healthcare for every American are also proving to be winners in Democratic primary fights across the country.

In red and blue states alike, candidates backing Medicare for All have emerged victorious in Democratic primary battles where, in some cases, their opponents had the backing of the party establishment."

-->There is a battle going on between the corrupt Democratic Party establishment and reform minded candidates. Our mainstream media, including the NYT, is on the side of the party's corporate wing. This story isn't being reported.


The Guardian UK:
"Rudy Giuliani won deal for OxyContin maker to continue sales of drug behind opioid deaths. The US government secured a criminal conviction against Purdue Pharma in the mid-2000s but failed to curb sales of the drug after Giuliani reached a deal to avoid a bar on Purdue doing business.

... Giuliani won an important concession for Purdue. Corporations with criminal convictions are mostly barred from doing business with the federal government. If Purdue Pharma’s name was on the conviction it would probably have forced OxyContin from public health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare and the Veterans Administration health system. That in turn was likely to diminish its prescribing in the private health system.

[The federal prosecutor] said he did not want to be responsible for taking OxyContin off the market and so agreed with Giuliani to target the prosecution at the parent company, Purdue Frederick. That left Purdue Pharma, cleaved out as a separate painkiller manufacturer in 1991, to continue selling the painkiller without restriction even though opioid deaths were escalating."

-->Big Pharma pushing drug addiction with the help of Rudy Giuliani. Why must readers learn abut this from a foreign newspaper? Maybe our major media is addicted to corporate influence.


Popular Resistance:
"Nicolás Maduro was successfully re-elected president of Venezuela on Sunday, receiving 5.8 million of the 8.6 million ballots cast, on a turnout of 46 percent. His nearest challenger, Henri Falcon, received 1.8 million votes. The process was watched over by 150 international observers from over 30 countries, among them former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who said 'I do not have any doubt about the voting process. It is an advanced automatic voting system.' ...

However, Western media have taken an entirely different outlook to the proceedings, unanimously presenting them as seriously flawed, at best, and at worst a complete sham presided over by a dictator. The New York Times presented the election as 'a contest that critics said was heavily rigged in his favor,' Huffington Post christened it 'a vote denounced as a farce cementing autocracy in the crisis-stricken OPEC nation,' while NPR reported that the vote was fraudulent, 'a view shared by the United States and many independent observers.'

-->Reporting on Venezuela clearly shows how subservient our media is to corporate interests. Big Oil clearly wants Venezuela's oilfields back, and mainstream media is as always sickenly ready to oblige.

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