Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"For a public radio service, NPR is notoriously known for its lack of diversity within its staff, audience and guests invited onto their shows—problems that NPR has itself acknowledged.

A new FAIR study finds that NPR’s diversity problem also extends into the board of trustees of its most popular member stations: Two out of three board members are male, and nearly three out of four are non-Latino whites. Fully three out of every four trustees of the top NPR affiliates belong to the corporate elite. ...

Out of the 259 total board members, 194—or 75 percent—have corporate backgrounds. Many of these board members are executives in banks, investment firms, consulting companies and corporate law firms. Some of the elite corporations include Verizon, Bank of America and Citigroup."

-->National Plutocrat Radio? The NYT wasn't interested in printing this story, probably because of all the male, white, corporate cronies on its board of directors.  


Common Dreams:
"A new analysis from The Associated Press delves into how billionaires are pouring their cash into state-level charter school advocacy groups.

Since 2006, such spending from the uber wealthy, via their private foundations and charities, has added up to nearly half a billion dollars, the analysis found.
AP, which looked at 52 charter advocacy groups in 44 states and Washington, D.C., also reported that the deep-pocketed donors 'directly channel support to pro-charter candidates through related political action committees or their own contributions.'

Case in point: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides 'an extreme example of how billionaires are influencing state education policy by giving money to state-level charter support organizations to sustain, defend, and expand the charter schools movement across the country.' "

-->The NYT is a friend of both the billionaires and of charter schools. It didn't print this story, but did carry the AP version on the NYT website.


Common Dreams:
"Confirming grave fears among progressives that Facebook's efforts to become an arbiter of "trustworthy" news would prioritize corporate and right-wing outlets over independent sources, the social media giant on Wednesday unveiled the first slate of news segments it will air in the coming days as part of its effort to combat "misinformation"—and the schedule is chock-full of Fox News.

'The network leads off coverage first thing in the morning, snagged the prime mid-day spot with a version of Fox News Update' ... and will get two weekend time slots,' notes Gizmodo's AJ Dellinger. 'It's the only news network that is a part of the Facebook-funded project to have a show on Facebook Watch every day of the week.'

Dellinger goes on to argue that Facebook's decision to include a heavy dose of Fox News in its Facebook Watch project is part of the platform's effort to 'placate its critics on the right,' who insist that the tech behemoth is somehow biased against conservative news sources."

-->Facebook pitching Fox news to the nation. The story didn't interest the NYT, although the result could put Trump's opinions front and center for millions of Facebook users.

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