Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Guardian UK:
"Terrorist attacks committed by Muslim extremists receive 357% more US press coverage than those committed by non-Muslims, according to new research from the University of Alabama. The researchers controlled for factors like target type, number of fatalities, and whether or not the perpetrators were arrested before reaching their final statistic.

Terrorist attacks committed by non-Muslims (or where the religion was unknown) received an average of 15 headlines, while those committed by Muslim extremists received 105 headlines. ...

The disparity in media coverage is particularly out of sync with the reality given that white and rightwing terrorists carried out nearly twice as many terrorist attacks as Muslim extremists between 2008 and 2016."

-->Our mainstream media distorts reporting on extremist events, showing its racism against Muslims in America. The NYT didn't carry this story, and we have to go to a foreign newspaper to find out how distorted the US media is. 


Common Dreams:
"Corporate Democrats are extremely worried about the wave of progressive enthusiasm that is sweeping the country in red and blue states alike, and—according to a report by NBC News on Sunday—they are beginning to organize a 'counterrevolution' to beat it back.

Ignoring survey after survey showing that progressive priorities like Medicare for All, a living wage, and tuition-free public college are overwhelmingly popular among the American public, Democratic politicians and operatives with the notorious think-tank Third Way used an invite-only event in Columbus, Ohio on Friday to tout an alternative agenda that centers on "opportunity" and access rather than equality—a platform that explicitly avoids alienating the ultra-wealthy.

'You're not going to make me hate somebody just because they're rich. I want to be rich!' Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said during last week's closed-door event, which was titled 'Opportunity 2020.' "

-->The NYT has just discovered the Bernie revolution (after several years). The adjectives used by our newspaper of record, "left-wing," "populist," and "far left," show how uncomfortable the monied establishment is with such progressives. 

As for Ms. Ocasio Cortez victory in her primary, the NYT wrote: "While she has quickly become a political sensation, however, she has also revealed her inexperience. She provoked some outrage by referring to Israel’s 'occupation' of Palestine..." Israel doesn't occupy Palestine? Only in the Zionist addled mind of our mainstream media.


Common Dreams:
"While much of the world's attention is currently centered on efforts by Russian operatives to sow discord among the American electorate with fake social media posts and 'troll farms' during the 2016 presidential election, an Oxford Internet Institute study published Friday found that use of social media by governments looking to 'spread junk information and propaganda to voters' has become a global phenomenon.

'Social media manipulation is big business,' the researchers found. 'We estimate that tens of millions of dollars are being spent on social media manipulation campaigns, involving tens of thousands of professional staff.'

In 30 of the 48 countries examined, Oxford researchers discovered 'evidence of political parties using computational propaganda during  elections or referenda. In emerging and Western democracies, sophisticated data analytics and political bots are being used to poison the information environment, promote skepticism and distrust, polarize voting constituencies, and undermine the integrity of democratic processes.' "

->Why no coverage of this story in the US media? How bad would Russia's interference look if every country was doing it?

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