Thursday, September 20, 2018

Common Dreams:
"When Facebook selected the right-wing, Iraq War-boosting magazine The Weekly Standard as an official fact-checking partner last year as part of its effort to combat 'misinformation,' progressives warned that the conservative publication would use its power to suppress accurate articles published by center-left and left-wing outlets. That's precisely what happened.

After ThinkProgress published an article by Ian Millhiser last week arguing that Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh's comments during his Senate confirmation hearings combined with a speech he gave in 2017 eliminates 'any doubt' that the judge opposes the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, the Weekly Standard deemed the article 'false'—a designation that, given Facebook's rules and the platform's enormous power, cuts off 80 percent of the piece's future traffic and penalizes other pages that dare to post the article.

-->Facebook hired a right wing publication to censor progressive pages? Hard to believe unless you depend on the NYT for your news. It didn't cover this story. 


Black Agenda Report:
"Israeli operatives and their US lobbyists sprang into action when the Movement for Black Lives came out in support of the boycott Israel movement.
'Israeli’s boasted that they were taking decisive measures to drive a wedge between established black community leadership and the new generation gravitating towards Black Lives Matter.'

Exclusive footage from the censored Al Jazeera documentary, 'The Lobby – USA,' shows Israeli government officials taking credit for attacks on Black Lives Matter and reveals an Israel lobbyist explaining how his organization shut down a BLM fundraiser. ...

Previously unreleased footage from Al Jazeera’s censored investigative documentary, 'The Lobby -- USA,' shows Israeli diplomats complaining about the Black Lives Matter 'problem' and boasting about their cultivation of established black civil rights activists as pro-Israel proxies."

-->Yes, the Israel Lobby is busy attacking Black Lives Matter, siding with the racist state in America to shut them down. There was no coverage of this story in the NYT, always eager to whitewash the Israeli Lobby's racism. 


"Trump Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh was subject to a wringer of testy Senate confirmation hearings last week. The current DC Circuit Court judge has come under fire from Democrats on the Judiciary Committee for his stances against the landmark pro-abortion decision Roe v. Wade, affirmative action and programs for Native Hawaiians, as well as his support for torture.

But some Democrats have also said that Kavanaugh lied under oath in both current and past hearings, and groups like Free Speech for People, Demand Justice, MoveOn and NARAL Pro-Choice America have all advocated perjury probes against him. However, these serious allegations of perjury have received sparse coverage from establishment media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and NPR. ...

Whether the perjury allegations against Kavanaugh turn out to have legal basis or not, such accusations against a Supreme Court nominee deserve at least one article with a thorough examination of the issue in establishment media sources like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and NPR.  This is especially true when the nominee threatens to shift the ideological balance of the court for decades."

-->Maybe the mainstream media is not so interested in stopping a rightward ideological shift in the Supreme Court. What is good for business is good for them.

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