Thursday, January 31, 2019

"Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest weapons’ company and has helped make Israel the world’s leading exporter of military and surveillance drones. As of 2017, Elbit was the 28th largest weapons manufacturing company in the world, bringing in $3.38 billion in revenue. Elbit subsidiary Israeli Military Industries (IMI) produces cruise missiles, cluster bombs, bullets for Israeli snipers, and many more tools of death.

Elbit helps ensure that the slaughter and repression of Palestinians by the Israeli government is as efficient as possible. ...

For the past 14 years Elbit has brought their brand of violent border surveillance to the US-Mexico border. In 2004, Hermes drones manufactured by Israel’s Elbit Systems were the first unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles deployed at the US southern border. U.S. Customs and Border protection began contraction with Elbit Systems in 2014 for sensors, cameras, radars and 'integrated fixed towers' in the desert along the Arizona border with Mexico."

-->The same Israeli weapons manufacturer is behind the slaughter of Palestinians and the militarization of the US Mexico boarder. Find that story in the mainstream media!


Amnesty International IE
"Amnesty International welcomes legislative efforts in Ireland to prohibit certain economic activities with illegal settlements in territories deemed occupied under international law, such as the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

'Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of goods produced in Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land are exported internationally each year, despite the fact that the vast majority of states have officially condemned the settlements as illegal under international law. So this Bill is a welcome first step,' said Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland.

'Israel’s policy of settling Israeli civilians on occupied Palestinian land has led to a myriad of human rights violations, including the demolition of tens of thousands of Palestinian homes and properties and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians being forcibly displaced. This is why Amnesty International has been calling on the international community to ban the import of all goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements and to put an end to the profits that have fueled mass human rights violations against Palestinians.”

-->No mention of this in the NYT. It doesn't run too many stories about boycotting Israeli apartheid. But kudos for running Micheal Alexander's op-ed about MLK and Palestine. 


The Intercept:
"The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau penalized a man $1 this week, for illegally exchanging veterans’ pensions for high-interest 'cash advances.' Mark Corbett claimed in sworn statements to the bureau that he had an inability to pay any fine of greater value, and the bureau accepted $1 as payment for making illegal, high-cost loans to former members of the armed forces. ...

A slap on the wrist for eight years of scamming veterans might be something like $10,000. This is more like a handshake. ...

On websites he operated, Mark Corbett marketed a deal for veterans with retiree or disability pensions. He set them up with offers from John Doe companies to purchase some or all of those future pension payments in exchange for a lump sum."

-->Stealing from US veterans' pensions and disability benefits only gets a $1 fine. You would think this story would get a little more media attention. But financial fraud against the poor are rarely covered.

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